Laurence Page & Lisa Gatenby: Better Safe Than Suzie - MICF 2023

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Posted 2023-04-18 by Jeni Wilsonfollow

Full disclosure: I am a die-hard fan of Lisa so I couldn't wait to see her new show. I hoped my guest (new to Lisa) loves her too. I'm just a tad worried that I set her up for failure. I've put her on top of a very tall pedestal that's balancing on a high table that's balancing on one leg. The point is: I hope she can live up to my raptures! That's two of her shows for me in 1 week. I'll have to be careful or I might be arrested for stalking.

Laurence Page although well-known, acclaimed and talented could have been any Tom, Dick or Suzie to me… until now! I am now on his fan list too.

What a combo. Like hand and glove, ……..peaches and cream…..Big Mac and chips … you get the idea. Lisa and Laurence are a perfect comedic match. They are all-rounders dead set on making this the best comedy show at the Comedy Festival.

This show is for those who can't choose whether to go to improv, Sketch, Musical theatre or comedy. Laurence and Lisa are skilled masters of multiple relatable, hilarious and sometimes cringe-funny characters. I love the homegrown songs and especially the end-of-show dancing. I could have watched that for hours.

I was surprised that on opening night they got the loudest intro clap I had ever heard in such a small theatre. I figured I was amongst friends, they must also be 'can't hang out until the next show' type fans too. I noticed many audience members buckled over in laughter, one guy laughing into his hand as if he didn't want the full laughter to escape and the chosen audience member absolutely in his element on stage.

I don't want to spoil the show but I noticed that my guest laughed at different jokes to me. I found the age song very relatable but she laughed when she said it made her never want to be forty! We both picked the tipsy mum as our favourite. With a Kath and Kim flavour, it was very, very funny. This was where I was fully aware that she had the audience eating out of her hands.

The school principal skit was also a favourite. Being a member of the teaching profession for many decades I think Laurence got it - spot on. He has voice projection like no other. He put every ounce of energy into his performance.

Imagine being on stage every night doing what you love and excel at… living the dream!

A note of audience interaction. I think there's a fine line between intrusion and interaction at live shows. You don't have to worry if you go to this show. They didn't cross the line. The interactions made this show even funnier.

They promised F-U-N and fun is what we got.

Just one question: Who's Suzie?

About the ArtistsLaurence Page owned and managed the Stand-Up Comedy Company, The Comedy Generation, for nine years, producing for locals and professionals. He has opened for Akmal Saleh, Bob Franklin and Matt Okine and performed two feature-length comedy shows: Stop the Bogans and Welcome to Adulthood!. Laurence has also directed award-winning productions for Full Throttle Theatre Company, written a feature-length play with screenwriter Sam Cable and written small plays for the Short and Sweet Festival.

Lisa Gatenby is a comedian for all ages, her high energy and enthusiasm have made her a hit amongst audiences both young and old. Lisa has performed across Australia and the US, opening for legends such Dave Hughes, Dave O'Neil, Fiona O'Loughlin and more. After a sell-out season at last year's Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Lisa is excited to bring a new, unique show to this year's Festival, as well as a solo children's comedy show.

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