Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas


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If you love Covent Garden in London then you will love in Barcelona. Anyone who has been to both will appreciate that is on a much bigger scale. is a street that is a very popular tourist attraction in Barcelona. Some things you can expect to find are shops, street artists and restaurants. The street truly comes to life at night but makes an excellent place to shop during the day. The street is lined with trees either side and a few kiosks in the centre.

Street Performers

You will see many street artists both during the day and night. They are more than happy for you to take a photo with them, out of courtesy most tourists put euros in to the artist's hat or pot placed in front of them.

During some evenings in summer you might even see a capoeira demonstration. This is a Brazillian martial art based on dance and music. I've also heard of tango dancers performing there, the artists are continuously changing. As it is performed in the street it is 'free' to watch but at the end someone will come around asking for a donation (with the atmosphere they create they truly do deserve a reward)


You have the option to eat inside the restaurants or outside. This really is down to personal preference, you may enjoy the entertainment but prefer to have your meal in a slightly quieter environment.

When you think of Spanish food paella comes to mind immediately and there is plenty of it. You will find different versions - vegetarian paella, seafood paella and chicken paella. Having said that Barcelona knows it tourists very well therefore many other cuisines are also available. So if you fancy a pizza, fear not.

And of course this is your opportunity to try some sangria.


There are many high street shops along that are opened during the day. Some shops you may find are Desigual , Casas , Rituals and many more. The kiosks generally sell souvenirs and flowers. You might even be able to do all your holiday shopping on this very street.


A trip to Barcelona wouldn't be complete without seeing a flamenco show. Tablao Cordobes is a venue with flamenco performances and a restaurant. Information for show times, reservations and prices can be found on this website. Want to know more? Have a look at this review on Flamenco @ Tablao Cordobes.

Unfortunately it is a well-known fact that is a hot spot for pick pockets, so keep an eye on your handbag, wallet and shopping.

You'll definitely find something that interests you along . It really can be amazing.

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