Lancelin Golf Club

Lancelin Golf Club


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GOAT TRACK"This is a common term used for a golf course that resembles the track that goats leave. It is generally a golf course that has little to no maintenance, and using your newest clubs is definitely out of the question."

Firstly, I found it extremely interesting that Lancelin had a golf course. It is a small town one hour outside of Perth which can be classed more as a holiday venue. The beaches are amazing, and the views are stunning, however I was very surprised to see a golf course just on the outskirts of the town.

The Lancelin Golf Course can be found off Lancelin Road. It is part of a sporting complex. I did not see any cars in the car park and they did have a honesty system in the 1st tee shed. The honesty system is where you place the money for green fees and then play. The Golf Club trusts that you will pay and you are being honest by paying.

For me golf is golf and I don't really mind what the course, as long as there is a tee and a green. I have played many golf courses including ones that had sheep on it. Believe me that was a real experience. I have also played a course in the desert where the greens were tarred, and you were give a carpet with a rubber tee to use when playing each shot. Now that was interesting.

I have, however, never played on sand greens. Well, put it this way, permanent sand greens. Of course I have played on greens that were cored, but I have never played on greens which were made from sand. The thought of doing so is rather exciting.

While I have played from artificial turf on practice fairways, I have never come across a golf course with concreted tee boxes that is covered with artificial turf. That was also, very interesting!

The fairways were, of course, as short as they could be for a semi-links course. And the course stretched for a good distance with not much protection from wind or sun.

I would honestly say that I would definitely come up to play for the sake of playing golf. The idea of score could not even come into the picture because there are so many humps and bumps on this course, that you are not even guaranteed the ball will be in play even after a good shot. I would probably bring the oldest set of clubs up. I could not even imagine putting my clubs through that torture. It would definitely have to be a set of clubs that have seen this trouble before. Unfortunately, I would have to bring another putter. My putter would be wrecked playing on those greens, and that would probably disturb me for the rest of my golfing life.

Granted, golf is about scoring the lowest score possible. And admittedly, golf did start in Scotland probably under the same circumstances. However they did use a Sheppard's Hook, not that latest Taylor Made Driver. And scores were more like bogeys and double bogeys with a real champion making a birdie.

The question however remains whether I would play golf here. The answer is yes. Golf is golf regardless of the course or conditions. It just makes one interesting story and definitely a must for my bucket list!

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