Lamma Island Seafood Restaurants

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Posted 2012-10-20 by Lilian Finchfollow

Although the Island fishing industry is no longer the primary source of income on Lamma Island, the Fisher-folk's Village gives you a chance to experience what life might have been like on the island when the fishing industry thrived.

These days Lamma Island is popular for its seafood restaurants, organic farms, hiking trails and animal refuge. There are few motorised vehicles on the island; transport is by foot and occasionally a pushbike which makes it a popular day trip retreat for locals from the mainland of Hong Kong as well as tourists.

A row of boardwalk cafe style seafood restaurants greet you at the ferry landing. With rows and rows of live specimens in small tanks this is a seafood lovers paradise. Diners pick their choice of seafood from a tank and within twenty minutes it's served up at the table on a bed of rice.

If you don't like seafood, or the thought that your lunch was swimming in a tank moments ago, avoid these eateries.

We enjoyed the local beer with our lunch, Tsing Tao tasted a little like your grandfather's worst home brew and was just as cheap but it did have a kick and made our bumpy afternoon ferry journey back to the mainland quite enjoyable.

Getting to Lamma Island fishing village is very easy and inexpensive, board the ferry from Central ferry pier 4 to Sok Kwu Wan. This section of the journey takes about 40 minutes. Then make your way to the ticket booth where you can purchase a ticket for the shuttle boat that takes you to the village 20 minutes further on.

Ensure you check departure times as these seemed to change depending upon weather and the day.

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