Lakshmi Vilas Vegetarian Cafe

Lakshmi Vilas Vegetarian Cafe


Posted 2015-04-27 by Jenfollow

Lakshmi Vilas has been around for 18 years. I can't believe I've never been to it, especially since I sometimes frequent Dandenong and the Drum theatre , which is a mere 750m walk from the restaurant. It's probably because I generally go to another favourite haunt in Dandenong for meals. It was a chance pop up advertisement on Facebook that brought it to my attention and the fact that it was so close by, nudged me to go immediately.

Located at Shop 5, 31 Pulteney Street, Dandenong - (03) 9793 7726 it's touted as being the place for good honest homestyle cooking by regular mums and tiffin meals. Tiffin can be snack style meals or light lunches as illustrated in the movie The Lunchbox , the layered containers that carry the food known as tiffin carriers . They also have the popular economical thali meals and my favourite, dosa . I'm happy about that, since the dosa shop I discovered in the city ( Purani Delhi Wale ) seems to either have been pulled down or is being renovated when I last saw it a couple of months ago.

However, Lakshmi Vilas , a vegetarian cafe has come to my rescue to salve my need for a good dosa every now and then. I ordered a thali and a dosa for my daughter and myself and I can tell you now, it was absolutely delicious and fresh. The taste was light and clean and by that I mean it didn't taste convoluted by a hodgepodge of sauces masking its true flavours. Each individual flavour popped in your mouth and said hello to your palate. Dessert rounded everything off nicely. The koulfi ice cream and the gulab jamun was rich and sweet but not overpowering. I'm definitely going back.

If you download their menu HERE , you'll find you'd get change out of $10 for most meals at this restaurant. What I especially liked was the fact that the kitchen was completely exposed and you could see every step of the preparation. They have a website and a Facebook page .

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