Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence - Fringe World Review

Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence - Fringe World Review


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Fri 19 Jan 2024 - Sun 28 Jan 2024

This is an original musical presented by Perth's own Crash Theatre Company, a modern-day interpretation of the Shakespearean drama Macbeth, but played out on the netball court instead.

The story centres on WD (Wing Defence) Mac Beth, as she's overlooked for the chance to lead her high school netball team the Dunsinane Hell-Hounds as team captain. When Coach Duncan chooses Chloe over her as captain, it sets off an unwavering ambition within Mac Beth. Visited by a trio of The Daggar Divas in the night, like the three witches in the original story, Mac Beth is overcome with the fire and determination to fight for what she believes is her rightful hers - the captaincy, eliminating her rivals one by one. As the power goes to her head, nobody else in the team wants to play with her anymore, or even pass the ball to her, the problem is that netball is a team sport, you can't play it alone.

The story touches upon the sense of determination and fierce competition teenage girls experience playing netball as they compete for positions and places on not only school teams, but also in state and national leagues, but also in high school in general. Girls can be quite nasty to one another It's like the film Mean Girls meets the Spice Girls. Bullying is common among teenage girls, who can be quite subtle, bullying through social exclusion rather than physical acts, and it stretches into adulthood where women do not necessarily support one another, especially in the workplace, but rather the opposite.

The musical and dance numbers are fantastic - upbeat and electrifying music carries the show from act to act.

Anyone who has ever played netball before will love this. Choose your positions, I was a WD, an overlooked position, and one of the more active on the court second only to the Centre (C), WD involves defending, intercepting passes and helping to pass the ball down the court to the GS (goal shooter). Centre's have the toughest job, they have to run up and down the court many times passing the ball down to the goal circle to score a point.

This show is absolutely hilarious - a must-see that will appeal to a variety of audience goers. Well worth seeing.

20 -28 January, Jester's Court at FANTASIA at Perth Town Hall, 601 Hay St, Perth. $22.50-$32.00. Book tickets.

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