La Sangiovesa Restaurant

La Sangiovesa Restaurant


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In Barcelona there are plenty of restaurants with delicious tapas and paella. However, if you feel like trying a different cuisine then La Sangiovesa is a great place for some Italian food. Located off of Avinguda Diagonal, one of Barcelona's main avenues, La Sangiovesa is very easy to find. This restaurant is part of the Grupo La Piemontesa , their website shows where their other establishments can be located.

The bright and golden d├ęcor inside the restaurant is created by the combination of a few mirrors, chandeliers and lamps. There are many quirky decorations around the restaurant such as jars of pasta, a display cabinet full of pocket watches and vintage style posters on the wall. The lighting teamed up with the neatly presented tables makes La Sangiovesa a very glamorous place to eat.

The restaurant is very tourist friendly; they have the menu available in a few language options. Some of the waiters speak English and they are more than happy to give you recommendations based on any special dietary requirements.*

Everyone is welcome at the restaurant as the service is suitable for couples, families and groups of friends. The portions are designed to be shared, that way you have the opportunity to try a numbers of dishes. For example, you could each choose your favourite pasta dish which would be served in a large bowl and everyone can try it (don't worry you do get your own plate and cutlery).

The great aspect of the menu is the flexibility in choice. You can choose exactly what pasta you would like and what sauce you would like it served with; the possibilities are endless! There is spaghetti, pasta and filled pasta (you can even choose the filling).

There is also a wide selection of pizza, risotto and sea food to choose from. A great vegetarian option is 'Ciabatte Di Verdure', a vegetarian pizza with 13 different vegetables.

The tempting dessert menu includes different types of ice cream, cakes and crepes. There are also some sweet dishes made with pasta, it's a very interesting combination.

Overall the food and service is great and the prices are all reasonable. Surrounded by the Italian food and atmosphere for a moment you'll forget you're in Spain.

  • For example if you are vegetarian, cannot eat certain meats or cannot drink alcohol.

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