La Latina Cafe

La Latina Cafe


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Each country from America (North, Centre and South of the continent) proudly present local dishes or typical food that is to die for. Maybe we know the States for its Ribs and Burgers and Canada for the amazing Poutine ( french fries, topped with a light brown gravy-like sauce and cheese curds.)

Latin America is well known by its diversity on rhythms, music, colours and flavours. The most popular worldwide are, perhaps, the flavours from Mexico, famous by the spicy sauces, tacos, nachos and quesadillas among other deliciousness. But going down, welcoming everyone to South America, we find Colombia and Venezuela. These two Spanish spoken countries, share a kindly brotherhood that goes beyond being neighboring countries: beautiful women, good sense of humour and incredible food.

Rafael (from Venezuela) and Juliana (from Colombia) are a beautiful latin-american couple that in 2012, decided to share their love and passion for their native food, with the Australian people. That is how "La Latina" was born, first featuring only at weekend markets and now we can visit their little Cafe at Chatswood from Tuesday to Sunday, to taste the most authentic food that makes you travel in one bite, to south America.

Arepas is the most popular selling. They are a soft & hot corn bread-like pockets, filled with almost whatever you like: chicken & avocado, shredded beef, cheese, vegetarian, beans, etc. and the well known Empanadas that are little deep fry corn flours pieces, filled with cheese or shredded beef, often eaten with 'guasacaca' (kind of guacamole) and/or chili sauce.

You can also find dishes that includes exotic items like plantain, cassava chips, Tequeños (mozarella fingers-like), Empanadas or ask for one of the tropical fruits juices or smoothies made with natural pulp fruit from sour-soup, lulo or feijoa, among others.

If you are a sweet tooth person, they also offer a range of Venezuelan & Colombian desserts that will not let you down. I will totally recommend you to try the Tres Leches (wich is a sponge cake soaked in three different kinds of milk), the Quesillo (a type of dessert made with eggs, condensed milk and caramel, similar to a Creme Caramel) or try any of the pastries filled with "Arequipe" or Guava with a delicious (and original) 100% Colombian coffee.

At La Latina you can also buy latin-american ingredients that are hard to find in Australia. The same that they use to elaborate fresh meals at the restaurant.

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