La Casa Artist Residency

La Casa Artist Residency


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- a haven for musicians, designers, artists and surfers, and an online destination for all those who are inspired by creativity.

Picture a welcoming house in an idyllic beachfront location, unparalleled natural beauty, a space where artists can escape, be inspired, collaborate and create.

With every tool at their disposal, including an in-house recording studio, art room and a world-class surf break, a slice of each artist's stay at La Casa is captured on film offering a rare opportunity to gain insight into the inner workings and creative processes of both talented individuals and groups.

The brainchild of legendary filmmaker Taylor Steele, who also directs all of the filmmaking for the project, La Casa has already played host to a number of established and emerging artists, setting the tone for what is to come.

"La Casa came from one of those late night conversations between mates. We had an idea for a space that was totally devoted to creativity, where artists could stop and relax and be comfortable. It was one of those "wouldn't it be cool if we could do this" moments...and here we are!" Over a year in the making, Corona Extra is proud to present a selection of clips filmed, edited and scored at La Casa, going live today at

Artists featured in the clips released today include musician and surfer Donavon Frankenreiter, Australian bands Wolf & Cub and Saloons, White Sea singer/songwriter Morgan Kibby, troubadour Ry Cuming, and producer/commentator/musician/documentary film subject Alekesam (aka Sal Masekela).

These seven clips are a preview of the creative output you can expect from La Casa following its official launch today, including current artist in residence, world-renowned visual artist and designer Evan Hecox.

"I have to say it's really inspiring being here. We spend so much time on the road and so much time like locked in studios. This is a really huge kind of like reminder that putting yourself in a creative space it's just, I mean it's invaluable." – Morgan Kibby of White Sea.

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