Kumbartcho Native Plant Nursery

Kumbartcho Native Plant Nursery


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Tucked away in the riparian* rainforest at Eatons Hill , on the site of the former Bunya Park Sanctuary, is one of the cheapest plant nurseries in Brisbane. Kumbartcho was established in 1997 and is run entirely by community volunteers. Kumbartcho, which means 'hoop pine' in the local Aboriginal language, only sells plants that are native to South East Queensland.

The nursery is well-organised with plants arranged in alphabetical order on large racks, stretching from one end to the other. Customers can borrow a white pencil to write names on the black pots for easy identification once they get home. Native plants that are particularly attractive to possums are protected in a fully enclosed area.
Kumbartcho has an attractive and well laid-out website with information on its background, events, facilities and workshops.
The website also offers an extensive and informative alphabetical stock list with photos and detailed information to make it easy to decide which plants to buy for your back yard. The beautiful colour photos show that native plants are often just as colourful and attractive as exotics and hybrids. Although the larger plants for sale in regular nurseries may seem more attractive due to their size, or perhaps even an early blooming, it is far more economical in the end to buy plants as tube stock (pots of 5cmx5cm).

Native plants are often more suited to our climate and soil conditions. There is no need to order massive amounts of expensive soil to enable the roots to fit in the hole. And with a bit of patience, your garden will soon be filled with plants that attract birds and other native wildlife. After making sure the plants we chose were able to cope with the clayey conditions, we planted our tube stock straight into the tough, unprepared soil and let the roots find their own way through the clay.

Regular customers get a special deal where, after five visits, they receive free plants to the value of 10% of their total bill. Ask at the checkout for a 'frequent visitor' card.
For more information on Kumbartcho Sanctuary and Native Plant Nursery, watch this video extract from The Great Southeast which was aired on 22 October 2006.

For those who are looking for an interesting and useful volunteering activity, you will be welcomed with open arms at Kumbartcho. The nursery also offers work experience opportunities to Horticulture students.

  • riparian = along the river bank

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