Kulata Academy Cafe

Kulata Academy Cafe


Posted 2017-11-09 by Ree Winterfollow
Honestly, I had little hope of actually finding decent coffee in Uluru. It was the last thing I expected but by day two, I discovered a lovely little place with both alfresco dining and indoor air conditioning (really appreciated in the middle of the day when it's 38 degrees).

The staff were exceptional - extremely friendly and helpful. For my first day, I ordered the almond croissant and coffee. The croissant was melt in the mouth but still a little crispy on the outside which is just the way I prefer it. The second time, I tried their desert lime melting moment. Okay, when I think of Melting Moments (or Yo-yos as they're known in some places) I think of something that's maybe two bites wide. This thing covered my entire palm! I had to ask for a bag to take it back to my hotel as I couldn't finish it. Of course, it was also delicious. I'd never heard of a desert lime before but it's a plant that grows in the outback.

The opened at Ayers Rock Resort in 2013 and is completely staffed and run by Indigenous people who are in training for the hospitality industry. The National Indigenous Training Academy opened in 2011 and has been successful in starting the careers of many Indigenous people nationwide. Some of the trainees are far from home and are looking forward to finishing their training and returning to their homes in other parts of the country.

If the trainees are missing home, it's hard to tell because they'll always greet you with a welcoming smile. The cafe serves breakfast and lunch from 8am - 6pm daily. Besides the great sandwiches, salads, cakes and other cafe far, they have to offer, they're prices are fantastic. I found it daunting when the breakfast offering at my hotel was a $27 buffet. I'm a coffee and piece of toast kind of person and spending $27 on that daily was unappealing, so finding the Kulata Cafe offered a croissant and coffee for under $8 was a great discovery.

If you're looking for somewhere to eat when you're visiting Yallara or Uluru, stop in the for great hospitality and light meals.

They're open daily from 8am - 6pm and are located in the Ayers Rock Resort Town Square

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