Kohimarama Beach

Kohimarama Beach


Posted 2016-09-29 by SimpsonSfollow
After almost 3 decades, my cousin and I are finally living, not only in the same country, but within easy driving distance of each other. We decided it was high time we met up for coffee and a 'catch up'.

I'm a 'newbie' in New Zealand and living in a rural part of the country, so I asked my cousin to suggest a coastal setting for our meeting. She chose as it is convenient for both of us.

I took the coast road through Mission Bay. Kohimarama is smaller than Mission Bay, but - as far as I am concerned - quainter. As I was parking, I noticed 3 dogs on the beach with their owners.

Wow - a dog-friendly beach. Fantastic! I noticed a couple were having difficulty getting their dog into the car to go home. He was standing chest deep in the water. They'd call him and he'd sprint up to them and then, as they bent down to dry him off, he'd spin around and run back into the water. They were laughing their heads off. From the dog's expression, so was he.

Laughing to myself, I walked the short distance from my car to Cafe on Kohi where we were going to meet. I'd received a text from my cousin saying she'd be there in 3 minutes, so I found a table at the back of the cafe. She arrived just as I was sitting down and, amazingly we recognised each other. I must say I was a bit concerned that, after 30 years, we'd walk passed each other. But no, we both look - sort of - like we did 30 years ago. Yeah right.... That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Greetings complete and orders placed - Cappuccino for me and English Breakfast Tea for her - we started catching-up. The coffee served was fantastic, and I'm assuming the tea was too, as we both asked for refills. After 2 hours of non-stop chatter, my cousin had to leave to go to a meeting, so I went exploring.

I walked in the direction of St Heliers Bay along the paved walkway. I loved the huge trees which would give fabulous shade in summer. I noticed that a number of the benches had plaques attached to them, so I stopped and read them. They were remembrance plaques. I thought that was a great idea to remember someone by. Sitting on a bench, looking out at the scenery they, quite possibly, would have looked at, on a daily basis. Lovely idea!

Walking on, I was greeted by everyone passing, elderly couples, joggers and mum's with babies in prams. It might have been overcast, but spring is in the air and they were taking advantage of the warmer weather.

The pathway changed from paving to boardwalk as I continued my gentle amble towards the Kohimarama Yacht Club. Besides the fact that there is a yacht club here, which will attract the sailing crowd, I can imagine this little town buzzing during summer. There is no way that it can't. The beach is so beautiful and the sea washes gently up onto the sand, no thumping waves. It's great for parents with young children. They can take their little ones into the water without the worry of them being swamped by a wave.

The Yacht Club is a fantastic building. Seasoned wood cladding, built out on a huge rock on the water's edge. Unfortunately, as it was a week day, it was closed, or I would have asked if I could see inside. Especially to go upstairs to take a few photos from the upper deck.

Kohimarama Yacht Club is a youth yacht club. It is run by a voluntary organisation who introduce young people to sailing. They also offer training and continued support and have regular events throughout the year, both locally and away.

All in all, Kohimarama goes onto my "Revisit in Summer List". But, I'll have to get there early to miss the crowds.

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