Koba Korean BBQ Restaurant

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Posted 2012-12-14 by Samantha Lau follow
Koba is a newly opened Korean restaurant located on Grote Street. It's pretty hard to miss it as it's quite a sizeable looking building by itself. Also, it looks like it used to be a church.

The interior is spacious and welcoming; Korean themed decorations line the walls and overhead lights help brighten the place up. As there aren't that many windows, the lights are necessary.

I think every table here is a booth table. I love that fact because booth tables are just somehow more comfy than their normal counterparts. Every table is completed with a mini-stove in the middle, for the barbecued meats.

My friend had come here before and she said she tried the barbecued meats. As they use charcoal to cook, the flavours are much stronger and better. As she's fond of Korean food, I was more than willing to trust her judgement that the food served was pretty good. However as it was just the two of us, we opted to order individual dishes.

The bulgogi \ bibimbap was what my friend ordered.

The dish came in a beef stone pot and the presentation of everything definitely wowed me. The usage of the wooden holder and the traditional looking tray really went far to uphold the Korean theme. My friend said she enjoyed it and the marinated beef tasted very nice. Priced at $12.50, I'd say that was a pretty good bargain.

I ordered the bulgogi bansang.

This dish is like a Korean lunch box. You have your meat, veggies and rice separate. The rice is cooked in a traditional hot stone method.

[IMAGE="http://www.weekendnotes.com/im/004/09/pb285708.JPG" width="400" link="http://www.weekendnotes.com/im/004
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This meal also cost $12.50, and I was very satisfied with the price, quantity and quality. I'm not normally a big eater but I managed to wolf everything down to the last grain of rice.

I think Koba is making a good start at the restaurant business (though there weren't that many customers there when I came; maybe word hasn't spread yet). However, I believe that they have a way to go in the service aspect. I think there were only two waiters at hand and they were inattentive and unfriendly. Our food also took a long time to come out - about a half hour wait. Still, I probably wouldn't mind coming back to try the barbecued meats to see what the fuss is all about using charcoal to cook.

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