Knee Lane, Croydon North

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Posted 2022-09-10 by Neil Follettfollow
It could be called the daisy capital of Croydon North.

There are two sides to this lane. One side is like normal suburbia, with new houses, a footpath and nice gardens. The other side is almost country with verge vegetation to the road line hiding the residences. A feature of the verges is a plethora of daisies.

The impression is that the verge gardens are a council initiative, judging by a sign among the foliage.

Many colourful flowers were encountered. Several shades of grevillea but only one bottle brush specimen.

Daffodils added a splash of yellow as did several species of wattle with a deep pink azalea adding to the floral spectrum.

More subtle in colouring was a large expanse of jasmine, its perfume reaching the nose before the eyes see it. An Australian pea bush also had colourful flowers.

A few hebe plants were starting to flower in some gardens.

A lucky magpie appeared to have found two worms, another was still looking and a tree-perched raven showed no interest. A noisy miner was spied deep in a grevillea bush.

Birds were well catered for with many amenities. Two feeders, a bath and a nesting box.

Close inspection of several green bushes revealed a myriad of clusters of small blooms. They were euphorbia plants.

Another trio of interesting plants were the small white flowers of a viburnum tree, a red bromeliad and several aeonium plants.

Few garden ornaments were seen. One side wall had two interesting wall hangings and only one garden lamp was seen.

It was nice to see a lychgate in a picket fence, the beginning of a landscaped area and a wooden bridge.

Only one walker was encountered, walking a friendly little poodle cross, contrasting with a pure bred cement doggie.

It's a 700 metre lane starting at Yarra Road, with a right angle bend finishing as a no through road.

At the end of the lane is an uphill gravel walkway leading to Hochkins Ridge Flora Reserve.

I walked this path for a couple of hundred metres seeing many low growing periwinkle bushes. The highlight of this diversion were several crimson rosellas, both on the ground and in trees.

Seeing two different sides of the lane is a bonus, with the bonus of a path to Hochkins Ridge Floral Reserve, the home of many wildflowers.

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