Kmart Tyre & Auto Service, Warwick

Kmart Tyre & Auto Service, Warwick


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When you mention car and mechanic in the same sentence, you will either have everyone's attention or you will have everyone running! The fact is, having a car is not that cheap. Besides the actual purchase of the car, there are the licence fees, the petrol, the tickets (parking and speeding), and the repairs. Of course, when you mention repairs, almost everyone's heart skips a beat. That is because repairing, or servicing a car, can come with a hefty cost.

While we all understand that repairing and maintaining a car comes at a price, we are also know that taking our cars to a mechanic makes us extremely nervous. After all, the fear of the unknown bill can really keep you as far from a auto workshop as possible.

If there is one thing about repairs and maintenance on a car, it is the dreaded feeling of what more you have to pay. I have personally experienced booking a car in for a service and then paying a lot more at the end of the day. All of sudden there were charges for wheel alignment, new tyres, oil filter, oil, and the list just went on. You may think that $10.00 for a light bulb is not that expensive, but when you add it up to all the other extras, you are often left with one hefty bill.

K-Mart Tyres and Auto Service have only recently made their mark on the auto mechanic market. When you associate the word K-Mart (the same type of logo) with cars you would expect the same value. However, K-Mart Tyres and Auto Service offers a far better service than many of the other mechanics in town.

Apart from their pricing structure, which is VERY competitive, K-Mart Tyre and Auto Service keeps you in the know from the get go! When booking in for a service, they will immediately text you to let you know when the car is ready for pick-up, call you to talk about an area that needs to be repaired, keep you informed of other areas that might need to be looked at in the future, and contact you closer to the time to let you know if you would like to book your car in for a service. I know personally that 3 months feels like it was just yesterday, so having my "personal assistant" to remind me of the next "check-up" is a service which is priceless.

Furthermore, from my personal experience, if K-Mart Tyres and Auto Service have done repairs on a car and you find later that something is just not quite right, they will have a look at the car and evaluate if it can be fixed. In my case they rotated a wheel and tightened the belts at no extra charge. That was the biggest surprise of all. I cannot remember when last a mechanic said to me, don't worry about the bill we have sorted that out for you! Wow, a service that will have me going back there time and time again.

Not surprisingly K-Mart Tyres and Auto Service are busy. So if you want to book your car in, they will fit you in the quickest they can, however you will be rewarded to wait a little if you can. And, if you are shopping around for the best price why not give them a call. You just may be pleasantly surprise on the price too!

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