Kiss Goblin TV Series Review

Kiss Goblin TV Series Review


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Kiss Goblin – TV Series Review

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Kiss Goblin is a 2020 South Korean drama series that was directed by Kim Tae Wook. It is about a 160-year-old goblin named Ban Sook (played by Bae In Hyuk) who wants nothing more than to be human. He wants to be a human because he doesn’t want to live alone in his long life, without anyone that cares for him.

In order to do so, his mentor the Goblin Queen tells him that he must take human form and kiss 10 humans. He then transforms himself into a strikingly handsome and possesses otherworldly charm, to lure any young woman so that he can kiss them easily. Every time he kisses a woman, he will learn human emotion. He will need to learn about emptiness, compassion, sadness, anger, joy, desire, infatuation, fear, happiness and the last one is love. This initially seems like an easy assignment.

One day, a girl called Oh Yeon Ah (played by Jeon Hye Won) saw the Goblin kiss a woman in the back alley when she just finished working at a cafe. But then Yeon Ah saw him again kissing her friend. Yeon Ah confronted Ban Sook and accused him of cheating on her friend.

The next day, Ban Sook shows up at the cafe where Yeon Ah works and he becomes a part-time worker at this cafe. Yeon Ah asked him why he cheated on her friend. When Ban Sook explains that he is a goblin and the reason why he needs to kiss 10 women, of course, Yeon Ah thinks that it is just an absurd idea of Ban Sook to cover up his bad intention to Yeon Ah’s friend. One day, Yeon Ah meet an exorcist who tries to kill Ban Sook in order to prevent him from becoming a human.

This fantasy Korean drama only has 12 episodes. It is worth to binge watch as it offers an unpredictable end. Kiss Goblin can be watched on streaming platforms.


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