Kirramisu Cafe and Restaurant

Kirramisu Cafe and Restaurant


Posted 2012-09-29 by Sarah Saysfollow
I recently visited Kirra Beach and found it to be such a calm alternative from many other Gold Coast beaches – it just has a really relaxed vibe about it.

After a long walk we were looking for a place to get coffee and came across Kirramisu Café and Restaurant. I don't know why, as there were many coffee places and cafes along the front but this caught my eye, and I was drawn there. I am very pleased that I was, as I love discovering new places.

I have been to many cafes, bars and restaurants at all the different Gold Coast beaches since I arrived in Australia, (what a lucky person I am) so it's great even after 10 months that you can still find somewhere new. That's what's so great about the Gold Coast, each beach, even through just a few hundred metres from the next, it offers new places and experiences that are totally different from the last.

I think mostly Kirramisu caught my eye because it didn't look like a fast food or chain place, it looked like a proper restaurant and that is what I wanted. Location wise it couldn't be better, the views are just awesome from the restaurant terrace, it really is quite breathtaking.

Kirra beach has a large park area (with playgrounds and gym equipment) running along the entire beachfront and the beach itself has a really long stretch of sand so you get these wonderful layers of green, then yellow, then the blue of the ocean and sky – it almost looked like a painting.

We visited mid afternoon and just had coffee and a cake – but the food looked incredible and I certainly plan to go back for lunch or dinner soon. The waitress, and the other staff too, were very smiley and friendly and it made for a lovely end to a really nice day. Staff, for me, can totally make or break a place, so when they are welcoming and friendly it can make all the difference.

I had my usual mocha which was $4.50 and very nice, but oh the homemade cherry cheesecake, wow, it was like a work of art and I kind of didn't want to ruin it by digging in. But I soon got over that. It was so tasty, quite unusual and not like your standard cheesecake, it was just oozing with gorgeous flavour after flavour and served with both cream and ice-cream, not bad for $6.50.

Their lunch menu has masses of choice, and only a couple of items are over the $20 mark, plus they also have a lunch special board too, so you will be sure to find something you like. I saw a couple of tables being served their food and it looked great, and I only saw empty plates being collected and satisfied faces, which can only be a good sign.

They had some great music playing in the background too – cool retro rock on a Saturday afternoon, having coffee and cake, catching the last of the sun and taking in that view. I love places like that, that is what weekends are all about.

I think it is a place that would appeal to everyone - a perfect date place, or for a group of mates to see out the week with a few drinks, or for a family lunch after being on the beach or in the playground opposite.

They are open from 6am, seven days a week serving breakfast, lunch, coffee and cakes – including their famous Tiramisu, (where the name is taken from). They are open for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights too, offering lots of specials and delicious meals.

Located on Musgrave Street, it really is well worth a visit if you are heading to Kirra Beach or close by. I shall most likely be in there; I'll be the one with the cheesecake, yum.

Their tag line is "great coffee, great food, great views" simple yet completely accurate.

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