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Posted 2022-08-11 by Monica Gray Mattiolifollow
A visit to King's Mountain Preserve. It all started with a Facebook video. It was a mesmerizing video. I watched it on repeat.
What a concept!

It was so intriguing and inspiring that it begged this viewer to learn more. So, I made a call and took a drive to Blacksburg, South Carolina. What I found there was enlightenment and peace.

is a final resting place, with acres of burying ground and a haven for retreat.

Terry Robinson is the owner, conservator, and specialist in "green" burials. Terry is well familiar with conventional practices, his occupation spanning several years. Prompted by a diagnosis related to the carcinogenic properties of contemporary mortuary methods, Terry decided to explore and ultimately invest in these acres of preserve, which he has developed into a "green" burial ground that is protected in perpetuity.

consists of vast property in the hills, with special amenities. Upon entering, the visitor drives along a shady trail to the destination – a gorgeous pavilion, which can be used for the memorial service and as a gathering place, complete with modern amenities. Overlooking the property is a rustic, beautifully appointed cabin that is available for guests – for the day or overnight.

That cabin oversees the expansive preserve.

For those seeking an entirely rustic funeral service, transportation to the enchanting forest chapel is available. will adapt flexible use of its amenities to suit the preferences of the family.

Yes, it is serene and beautiful there, but what are the details? Why would one choose this option – green burial?
Most commonly, the impetus is:
A desire to be forever in nature, either in a (biodegradable) casket, a shroud and/or by cremation.
Reduced costs of around 50% compared to conventional means
Environmentally friendly procedures
A unique setting for the service, welcoming to families and friends who will want to visit

During my visit, I was excited to tag along with Christina, an expert in Thanatology (the study of dying, death, loss and grief), whose purpose on this day was to choose her own site. Her adult daughter and grandson joined her in this, very interested and mesmerized by the ethereal ambience of the preserve. Christina is neither elderly nor infirm. She is an example of one who wishes to rest in nature. The mood of the visit was positive and pleasant.

After an ATV ride throughout the property – her second visit - Christina reached a decision among the hills and valleys, within earshot of a babbling brook. She chose a location in a serene meadow among a stand of trees. It will be marked with an indication that the space is reserved for her, as is the case with all green burial locations. Each green burial site is marked with an identifier and GPS coordinates.

This destination was truly an adventure, filled with wonder and the unexpected. Words cannot describe the peace to be found at and Retreat Center in Blacksburg, South Carolina!

Additional information:
This form of interment is regulated by the Green Burial Council.

Green burial is not only environmentally friendly but also prevents the dangers associated with the carcinogens involved with typical embalming practitioners.

An addition to the preserve, expansion is underway: a pet cemetery.

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