King The Land - TV Series Review

King The Land - TV Series Review


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Cheon Sa-rang (played by Im Yoon-ah) is an independent woman who has always wanted to work at King Hotel since she was a little girl. One day, little Cheon Sa-rang went to the King Hotel with her mum, and she was impressed that everyone who worked at this hotel looked happy and had their best smile always. That made Cheon Sa-rang dream of being a happy staff member at King Hotel.

Cheon Sa-rang later on succeeded and became a concierge at King Hotel. Her two other best friends, Oh Pyung-hwa and Kang Da-eul also work at King Group. Oh Pyung-hwa is a flight attendant at King Air, while Kang Da-eul is a salesperson at Alanga, a duty-free store affiliated with King Group.

On her first day at work, Cheon Sa-rang mistakenly Gu Won (played by Lee Jun-ho) as a man who tried to flirt with her and later on asks other staff to give the letter to Cheon Sa-rang to meet him privately. Cheon Sa-rang was furious to be treated like that. Cheon Sa-rang then stomped on Gu Won, who wore the same t-shirt as the man who treated Sa-rang badly, and started to get angry. Didn’t she know that she was mad at the wrong man, but also Gu Won is the Head Manager of King Hotel and the son of the King Group owner.

The incident leaves them in a very awkward situation at work. So many awkward encounters lead them to realise that they are attracted to each other. King the Land is not a typical rich boy who falls in love with the poor girl stereotype. This poor girl always put her chin up and never let her status drag her down. Being rejected by Gu Won’s family to be in a relationship with him, Sa-rang decided to leave King Hotel and open her own motel, so that she can openly in a relationship with Gu Won without any hassle from King Group.

King the Land became an international hit and once again put Korean drama, and their actors and actresses onto international spot. The series was simply silly and all kinds of romantic, which is exactly why lots of viewers couldn't stop swooning about it. What helped was also the onscreen chemistry shared by Jun-ho and Yoon-ah, which was truly captivating. You can see Yoon-ah acting on K2 with Ji Chan-wook.

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