Kindness Vegan: A Plant-Based Eatery

Kindness Vegan: A Plant-Based Eatery


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Kindness Vegan is a one-of-a-kind vegan restaurant home to authentic and mind-blowing vegan Thai delights that remind you of Thailand. As a carnivore, I was curious about having a feast containing no meats, especially with past disappointing vegan food experiences; we were slightly wary yet keen to experience this eatery, especially with the Thai inspired menu. Upon arrival, we were greeted and taken to our seats. From here, we met the amazing and humble owner, Henry, who explained the menu and passion for fresh, vibrant, and clean eating using nothing by freshly-sourced produce.

Henry took over Kindness Vegan around eight months ago. The vision is to provide healthy, tasty meals and be conscious of the need for ethical and respectful treatment for all beings and promote a sustainable natural environment. All sauces and dressings are made from scratch in house, and products are delivered fresh daily. After perusing the menu, it was exciting and appealing, with dishes we all know and love, including roti, tom yum soup, curries, spring rolls, stirfries, and more. We were excited to try all the dishes!

Décor/Ambience: Kindness Vegan is a primarily outdoor eatery with an open-air terrace that faces the courtyard. It offered a relaxing dining experience. There was a couple of indoor seating that offered cozy vibes.

Both the indoor and outdoor seating provide a casual and enjoyable atmosphere. The location is ideal as it is nestled between other buzzing restaurants in a relaxing courtyard in Darlinghurst.


The menu is inspired by the exotic and flavoursome dishes from Thailand. It showcases fresh, wholesome ingredients that are locally and freshly sourced to create a delicious feast of colour, taste and textures. Some of the dishes on the menu include popular Thai entrees/side dishes such as spring rolls ($8.9 for two pieces), paper rice roll ($8.5 for two pieces), corn fritters ($6 for two pieces), and more.

The main dishes include stirfries starting from $21.90, soups and curries starting from $20.90, warm salads starting from $17.90, noodles and fried rice starting from $17.90, rice dishes from $3.00.Desserts include Black Sticky Rice in warm coconut milk ($5.90), KC's Delight ($6.50), and more. The menu also featured an appealing drink menu with beverages including coffees and teas, exotic Masala Ginger Chai, iced coffees and teas, soft drinks, and fruit smoothies. Food: We decided to start our vegan feast with the Mixed Sides ($17.90 for four pieces from the side dishes/entrée), Small Tom Yum Soup ($10.90), Seaweed Tofu topped with Tamarind Sauce Stirfry ($22.90), Pineapple Fried Rice ($18.90), Massaman Curry ($22.90), and the Masala Ginger Chai drink ($8).

We chose the Mixed Sides: Curry Puff, Spring Roll, Rice Paper Roll, and Corn Fritters. When the Mixed Sides arrived, they looked appealing, and everything looked fresh and tasty.

The Spring Roll, crunchy golden pastry parcels filled with cabbage, carrot, and vermicelli noodle. True to its description, the spring roll was golden and crunchy! The cabbage and carrots added a nice texture. The spring roll was seasoned well and had the right amount of filling, and it was an excellent starter.

We tried the following side dish: the rice paper roll- Fresh Paper Roll, fresh mixed leaves, capsicum, carrot, enoki mushrooms, and organic tofu wrapped in rice paper, served with satay peanut sauce and sweet chilli sauce. As soon as I took the first bite, freshness and textures hit the palate. It was such a refreshing side dish! The freshness from the vegetables mixed with their textures, followed by the medium-firm texture from the tofu, created a wonderland of textural delight.

The Curry Puff flaky puff pastry is filled with mildly curried carrot, potato, onion, corn kernels, and peas. The pastry was cooked to perfection; it was crispy, flaky, and was the perfect thickness. The fillings were all cooked perfectly too and seasoned well. Although I would have liked more curry, to be fair, it was true to its description and couldn't fault the curry puff, besides lacking a bit of filling.

The final side dish starter was the Corn Fritters, fresh sweet corn kernels in a light homemade batter. Wow! What an incredible starter this was. Unlike your traditional fritters, which are flat similar to pancakes, this fritter was ball-shaped and, to date, the best corn fritter we have tasted! You can taste the freshness from the corn; there were no canned corn kernels here. The crunchy texture mixed with the slight char and hints of sweetness from the corn kernels created a magical dance to the taste buds, and they begged for more.

Overall, each side dish had its own unique taste texture, and they were all delicious, especially the corn fritters! The other side dish we tried was the Tom Yum Soup (small), a popular Thai sour and spicy soup with seasonal vegetables, cherry tomatoes, mushroom, kaffir lime and lemongrass.

We have tried several tom yum soups over the years (mostly with prawns); however, this tom yum soup was one of the best, and we didn't even notice that it didn't contain any seafood. It was a burst of flavour explosion, from the rich broth to the aromatics from the lemongrass, and "zestiness" from the kaffir lime, which combined well and created the perfect balance of rich and fresh flavours.

Each vegetable was cooked perfectly. Each one had a crunch and incredible freshness as it were harvested just before cooking. The combination of flavours and texture took this humble soup to a whole new level of deliciousness. So far, our vegan gastronomic feast was on a mouth-watering fresh and wholesome start, and we couldn't wait to try the mains.The Mains included Massaman Curry, Seaweed Tofu topped with Tamarind Sauce stirfry, and Pineapple Fried Rice.As soon as the mains hit the table, a tantalising aroma filled the air, and the bursting colours from the dishes teased our senses and awakened them further.We knew we were going to be in foodie heaven!

The Massaman Curry, aromatic, mild red curry with potatoes, pineapple, beancurd sheet, tamarind juice, and fragrant Thai herbs, topped with crushed peanuts.Like the Tom Yum Soup, we have tasted many massaman (with beef), this was the first massaman curry we tried that was meatless, and after trying this dish, I am converted to meatless massaman!Its "broth" was thick with lashings of aromatic, mild curry flavours combined with tanginess, sweetness and spice that formed this curry dish into a harmonic wonderland of flavoursome taste.

Each vegetable was cooked perfectly, the potatoes held their shape and melted in the mouth, the carrots, snow peas, zucchini, and all other vegetables had a pleasant crunch and combined with the deep-fried tofu, it was mind-blowing.The fried tofu looked like soft-shell crab, tasted and had a similar texture. It was incredible and fooled the taste buds and mind into believing it was soft shell crab!

The massaman curry took the palate to places we didn't know existed; it was a wholesome, comforting dish with authentic Thai flavours.Seaweed Tofu topped with Tamarind Sauce stirfry, fried crispy tofu and seasonal vegetables topped with homemade tamarind sauce and crispy fried onion.This unique take on stirfries was quite interesting, and just like the massaman's curry tofu, it fooled you into believing you were eating seafood.

The seaweed tofu had a texture and taste of fish. It was overwhelmingly impressive.The flavours and texture from the tofu combined with the tamarind sauce that created hints of citrus and sweetness, almost caramel-like with the crispy vegetables, turned this stirfry dish into a burst of veggie goodness.

Our final main dish was the Pineapple Fried Rice, jasmine rice stirfried in a mild curry powder and light soy sauce with fresh vegetables, pineapple and sultanas.Another epic dish from Kindness Vegan! The popular fried dish transformed you into a culinary overload of flavours, textures and aromas.

It tasted similar to a nasi goreng, with delicious hints of sweetness from the fresh pineapple and sultanas.The flavours from the mild curry powder and soy sauce combined with the perfectly cooked rice and crispy fresh vegetables, topped with the genius addition of sultans, took the taste buds into overdrive!The Masala Ginger Chai is, Blend of spices tea with fresh ginger and a choice of soy, almond or out milk was the beverage of our choice for the evening. We decided to have it with oat milk, as we felt this would add a nice creamy "milky" texture and taste.

As a tea lover, this chai was impressive! The blend of chai spices mixed with the freshly sliced ginger pieces combined with the oat milk was warming, comforting and awakened the taste buds to a hit of aromatic spices of ginger, cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon. It was a beautiful balance of smooth, creamy and spicy, and the bold spiciness from the ginger didn't overpower the other spices, making it enjoyable and complementing our dishes well.

Unfortunately, we did not have any room left for dessert, which gave us an excuse to return! Kindness Vegan transformed us into enjoying vegan dishes; after a few bad experiences, it's with confidence that this vegan eatery needs to be placed on the foodie vegan map as one of, if not the best authentic, fresh and mind-blowing culinary eatery experiences. Every dish was fresh and burst with colours. All the produce was cooked perfectly, and each vegetable was crispy.It was an authentic and wholesome experience and bought the homeland to the plate. This would not usually have been our eatery of choice as protein lovers. However, we were mind blown by the gastronomical experience, especially with some ingredients tasting as if they contained "meat".We cannot wait to return and try some of their desserts!

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