Kimchi Mania!

Kimchi Mania!


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Thu 24 Aug 2017

For ONE NIGHT ONLY on Thursday August 24th, at a Lentil as Anything Pop-up, Hey Prestó in Preston, you can learn how to make kimchi. And if that's not enough Lentil As Anything is bringing you more kimchi than you can handle, by making a meal of it!

The evening will start with a kimchi making workshop between 6pm-8:30. This is a hands-on workshop where you will learn how to make your own delicious kimchi, which is a tasty fermented Korean side dish that has HUGE health benefits and better still, tastes amazing. If you haven't tried kimchi, you are really missing out!

Then, directly following this workshop there will be a 5 course kimchi themed dinner for all participants, which will give you a taster of kimchi like never before.

The menu for this Kimchi themed evening is:
Kimchi soup
Kimchi pancake
Kimchi & shiitake mandu (dumplings)
Trio of Kimchi's & Rice Assorted Korean vegetable side dishes
Sesame Ice-cream

What will you get from this workshop?
Hands on knowledge of how to make Kimchi
A jar of delicious Kimchi to take home
Notes on how to make basic Kimchi as well as variations
A delicious Kimchi themed meal
All the green tea you can drink
Knowledge & recipes for what you can make with Kimchi
And if that's not enough, you'll also get a glorious feeling inside knowing that you're supporting Lentil as Anything and all the good work they do!

%% Most people have heard of Lentil As Anything, but don't always realise quite what they do. Eating there is certainly an experience in itself, and when it comes to payment, it's up to you because they don't have a priced menu. This is a restaurant with a social conscious, because the mission of Lentil As Anything is to provide a wholesome and nutritious meal where money is not a concern. This is why they work on with a system where you can pay what you think is a fair price, or what you can afford for the meal.

Volunteers are an important element to the success of Lentil As Anything, because this program not only contributes to the successful operations of the restaurant, but also gives incredibly valuable work experience to many who are starting out in hospitality and also the long term unemployed. They are all about inclusion and giving the marginalised a fair go. Some of their chief staff such as head chefs and restaurant managers started out as volunteers. But most of the people who serve you are volunteers, many of who are students, people wanting experience or the long-term unemployed. So if you are in a position to pay or tip well for your meal, it certainly goes towards a good cause.%%

This event is being hosted by qualified Chef & Kimchi Enthusiast Chase White, with the love & support of Fashion icon & Kimchi extraordinaire Joel Joseph James. Together they have run several Kimchi workshops and can answer any vexing fermenting questions you want to throw their way.

You can participate for a cost of Adult: $50 Concession: $30
To book your tickets please contact [email protected] or if you're on Facebook, you can send a message through the Lentil As Anything Facebook page . Please also specify if you have any food allergies. This workshop is completely vegan, but the recipe hand out will include fish sauce variations for those who might wish to create a stronger umami taste at home.

All profit from this event goes towards supporting Lentil as Anything. This is a set donation evening, but if you are a regular volunteer at Lentil as Anything, then please let them know in your email so you can discuss a discount.

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