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Posted 2017-04-30 by Lesley Mitchellfollow
Turn your kid into a spy as part of the super Kids Spy Network!

What is it about treasure hunts that kids love? Perhaps it's the intrigue, the mystery or being part of something special. Whatever it is, all kids love to feel important and some of our favourite memories are built on special things that happened in our childhood, things that were out of the ordinary or those that instilled in us a sense of something beyond our normal lives.

Kids Spy Network is a really fun activity for either individual children or as part of a party package.

For a nominal fee you can sign up your children and they will receive a top secret bundle in the mail, addressed directly to them. Ours arrived soaked by the rain, which actually only served to make it more intriguing.

I read on their website and in discussions with the founders, of one of the parents who kept this package and secretly handed it to their child as they were boarding an aeroplane. The child felt like their journey had just turned into something even more special.

For a fun kids party activity, you can organise as many of these packages as you like and have them arrive in the mail, all with each child's secret code name. The children will spend the party working out their clues and watching the videos. Maybe you even get to sit back with a cup of tea at a kids party and just watch them enjoy - bliss! All for $15 per child.

Maybe continue the Spy Kids theme, with a secret treasure birthday cake and for the party take home gifts, maybe design a printed scroll or certificate that each child takes home.

Back to the mission:
Agreeing to do this article, my daughter was selected to become part of the Kids Spy Network. In a crazy busy life I actually forgot all about this until she excitedly found an envelope in the mail addressed directly to her.

Being older than the recommended age (recommended 6-10 year olds - mine is early teens) I wondered whether it would appeal to her or not and although she found it relatively easy she was intrigued none the less. Opening the envelope to discover that she had been assigned a personal secret agent code name was just the beginning of the fun.

Inside her secret envelope there was also a special book filled with clues and a welcome letter advising her that she had been personally selected to be part of the Kids Spy Network.

She looked at me and actually did not want to show me what was in the envelope (because it was marked top secret to her). I convinced her that it's OK for parents to know about secrets in their children's life and she immediately dropped down on the floor and started going through the book.

The first one took a little bit of working out, a few puzzles and lateral thinking to solve, but she finally got her first clue.

Eagerly grabbing an iPad she logged on and followed the directions, including entering her private codename as her secret agent. She was delighted when the password worked and she was able to get access to the first video which looked directly at her and welcomed her as being specially chosen for this mission (yes, it was a little cheesy and we had a chuckle, but the fact it was "hers" still intrigued her).

It probably took her less than an hour to complete the mission although she is older than the recommended age and I think a younger child might have spent a little bit longer on it.

You can sign your child up as part of the Kids Spy Network and see more information on their website by clicking HERE

Do you have a child who you think would be intrigued by becoming a spy? For nominal fee of around $15 you can sign them up and have their own special parcel arriving in the mail in no time.

**Is this something you think the kids would enjoy?
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