Kids Crafts: How To Make a No-Sew Barbie Dress

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Posted 2022-01-03 by Sue Wfollow
Are you looking for some easy school holiday activities to do with your child? Do they love Barbies? My daughter is going through a Barbie stage at the moment and she is making everything from cat-ear headbands to sunglasses, for her cool Barbie to wear.

She recently asked me to help her make some clothing and I remembered a quick outfit that my own mother used to make, for my Barbies and toys. It involves absolutely no sewing and an old T-Shirt, and then they can get creative with the rest. It is so easy, that we have made "dresses" in many colours now, for every occasion! If you are spending a lot of time at home in the school holidays, then this idea can extend for hours as they get creative with colours and embellishments. It is a simple idea that unlocks hours of creative fun!

What You Need:

**27cm diameter (approx.) plate
T-shirt Fabric
Fabric scissors
Small hair elastic**

What To Do:

Step 1: Place the plate on top of the T-shirt fabric and trace around it with chalk, or a texta colour that will show. Cut around the circle.

Step 2: Fold the circle in half and then half again.

Step 3: At the top point of the shape, cut out a small half circle (for the neck), approximately 0.5 - 1cm. Along one length of the fold line, cut out another small half circle, approx. 1.5cm from the neck (for the arms). See the photo below.

Step 4: Open the fabric circle back up and you will see a hole in the centre for the head and two smaller holes for the arms.

Step 5: Raise the arms of your Barbie and put the dress on, over the hands first and then the head. Slide the hair elastic up her legs and to her waist, to form a belt. Alternatively, cut up a length of the T-shirt fabric to make a belt or ribbon for her hair.

This easy idea can be used to make dresses for teddy bears or other toys that you child may have. They can also make capes and other pieces of clothing with the leftover T-shirt faric. It will then get them looking around your home to see what they can re-use and recycle, for making other clothing for toys. Have fun creating!

* For more cheap and easy school holiday ideas, see my article Top 35 Cheap Activities For Bored Kids!

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