Kids Arty Farty Festival

Kids Arty Farty Festival


Posted 2016-03-08 by Chris Carvillfollow

Sun 20 Mar 2016

Banyule Council, what's going on? When I heard you were hosting some gigs I thought, yeah, okay, okay. But this flagrant bombardment, I mean... For want of a better word, is cockamamical! How much fun you think we can to handle?! In one weekend?! Twilight Sounds , then this the morning after? What are you trying to pull, Banyule? Or...hang on. Is this follow-up Arty Farty farty-party-thing a ploy? To deter Twilight revellers from becoming Twilight stop-outs; dreading their kids hauling them out of bed early Sunday morning? Aha!! So readers, be warned: I...uh...thought I had a point.

Well luckily, Arty Farty does have a point: fun. But when I say fun, I don't mean fun. No, siree. I mean F-U-N!! Out-and-out shivoo, where the little tackers can run wild. Explosive extravaganza, where your children can unleash. Fully sick spree, where they can expend... Okay, Chris! I get the picture! But what are you talking about exactly? Sills Bend, Warringal Parklands. About to become an enthralling land of enchantment, for kids of all ages to explore. With a host of thrilling activities - to climb, bounce, slide, paint, dig, sing, dance, even blow bubbles. With this absolute plethora (see table of event highlights, just below), every penchant covered.

It's all here . I mean, that list above isn't even exhaustive. No, there's also: a creative news station, mobile library, sand art, bouncy castle, interactive performances (see festival program - which I'll get to), Back to the Future Delorean exhibition, Crazy Bikes exhibition, even a Sensory Friendly Chill Out Zone to unwind and cool off. All within a context of opening young minds to the wider world around them. Furthermore, given the preceding Arty Farty parade (at 10am down Heidelberg's epicenter, Burgundy St), this festival's effectively an à la mode after-party. Plus, with these activities completely FREE, making it slightly easier to drag weary parents out the door.

With limited parking, organizers encourage cycling in - if practical. Fine folk of Banyule BUG (Bicycle User Group), happily minding it for free. Another option is public transport - to Heidelberg Train Station, then jumping on the Free Mee's shuttle bus (departing every 40 minutes from 10.05am). If driving in's your preference however, a map 's been included, also viewable on the Arty Farty webpage . Not to mention, a downloadable version of the festival program, that's also accessible from the webpage. If you go, have an awesome time! And feel free to take a gander at last year's:

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