Kickboxing for Beginners e-Course

Kickboxing for Beginners e-Course


Posted 2020-05-20 by Natasha Poyntonfollow
By now, you've well and truly watched everything on every streaming service and the plans you had to get fitter/workout every day/learn a new skill have been shelved. With restrictions easing across the country, you're probably looking forward to getting back to some of the things you love. But before running back into the gym, how do you regain some of the ground you may have lost over the past two months? Or even better - how do you get across some basics of fun exercise so that you're ready to step back into your life?

Brisbane Fitness Empire has your back with their specially designed online kickboxing program .

Crystal has designed the eCourse classes through a series of seven modules and takes you through all the basics of kickboxing from the safety and anonymity of your own home. She teaches everything you need to know to punch, kick and hold pads or mitts confidently. It also means that when you do rock up back into the gym, you won't feel like the new person who is having to learn everything again from scratch. Instead, you'll have the skills and the courage to be able to take on a class knowing you've got the basics down and to avoid injury, whether you really are taking a class for the first time, or just the first time in too long.

Each module is broken down into easy to understand lessons of just a few minutes long which allow you to stream or cast each clip. The whole eCourse is priced at a very reasonable $59 and you can work through each at your own pace, making it the ideal way to ready yourself again for the outside world.

The modules include:
- an introduction, such as how to pick gloves and wrap your hands
- Kickboxing stance and guard
- How to punch and hold mitts where you'll learn your cross jabs from your uppercuts and hooks.
- How to hold pads
- Where to land your punches and kicks
- Combo punches and kicks

Plus if you complete the course, there's a bonus offer.

I really enjoyed this course and after working through it, I'm leaving with a number of takeaways. The first is that Crystal is a great teacher who is able to explain and show each point very clearly. And secondly, is that I'll feel much more confident in taking on a class at a gym knowing my crossjabs from my hooks and uppercuts.

But most importantly? When it's easy to feel some trepidation about stepping back into the outside world, I now can't wait to get to a class and show them what I've learned.

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