Kerr Crescent, Montrose

Kerr Crescent, Montrose


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Kerr Crescent starts and ends at the Mt. Dandenong Tourist Road. It presents a pleasant circuit walk of just over 800 metres.

Like many roads, streets, avenues and crescents in the area, it is unmade, narrow, and dusty, with no footpaths and vegetation to the roadway.

The blocks are large, with many houses well back from the road and landscaped gardens. A feature in two gardens were wire arches adorned with creepers.

Two different proteas were seen. A yellow pincushion variety and a 'normal' variety.

Many flora was growing in the heavily vegetated verges. Several beautiful ginger lilies were growing wild, as were many Easter lilies. They seem to flower just as hot cross buns appear in bakeries.

Agapanthus were prolific as white, blue, a patch of deep blue ones and some future blooms. Many were on the verge. Kerr Crescent is elevated, and distant views are often seen.

A welcome sign was hanging on a tree at one house entrance. I'm not sure if it was aimed at friends, relatives or cats.

A country feel was in parts in the form of a stone and wire fence and a rusty gate leading nowhere.

A red rose, daisy, hebe bush and potato bush, all appeared in different gardens, as did a cordyline cabbage tree, and a kangaroo paw. A backlit grass stem and a fluffy dandelion 'puff ball' growing on the verge made interesting photos.

A couple of grevilleas bushes were the only native plants seen. Hardly a native, but the blossoms of a blackberry bush had a certain beauty.

Crocosmia plants have a vivid colour. Crowea bushes, sometimes called waxflowers are endemic to Australia and are small but nice up close. Salvia hot lips also call for close inspection.

Very colourful was a yellow butterfly bush.

Few garden ornaments were seen. The most interesting was a well, complete with a wooden bucket. Another garden had several distant statuettes.

The walk along Mt. Dandenong tourist road is easier with walking paths on both sides of the road.

It is a busy road. There are no parking spots along Kerr Crescent, due to its narrowness, but Mt. Dandenong Tourist road provides plenty.

This is an interesting walk but worth it with the variety of flowers to admire.

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