Ken and Cranky Clyde - Drive for a Cure

Ken and Cranky Clyde - Drive for a Cure


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A former truck driver, an irritable Clydesdale and a western-style covered wagon. Not a likely trio to be travelling the roads of Victoria, raising funds for cancer research.

Ken Pillar and his not-always-so-trusty stead, fifteen year old "Cranky Clyde" started their pilgrimage on 10 July 2010 in Mansfield, central Victoria.

Their initial ambitions were relatively modest, aiming to raise at least $50,000 over two years. The venture has collected around $27,000 to date to help fund research through the Australian Cancer Research Foundation .

Using a forty five foot pan trailer towed by a 1978 W model Kenworth truck converted into a motor home and horse truck, Ken and his family transport Clyde, the wagon and their two ponies to destinations all over Victoria.

Kids, especially, greet him with much excitement as there are pony rides and wagon rides on offer as well as the chance to meet the horses up close.

Spurred on by his commitment to the cause and his love of the road, Ken and Cranky Clyde have raised their sights. They now aim to travel all over Australia in their quest to raise millions of dollars in funds for cancer research.

Ken told the Bendigo Weekly "I never realised how many people are affected by cancer before this. Every cent we raise goes to cancer research." Ken and his family have been lucky enough to avoid being touched by cancer, but with 1 in 3 Australian men and 1 in 4 Australian women directly affected by cancer before the age of 75, many others will be.

Where in the World are Ken and Cranky Clyde?
You can follow the progress of the man, horse and cart team by checking up on Ken's blog or sign up to his Facebook page .

Ken and Cranky Clyde pop up at towns all over south eastern Australia. They recently made a special Christmas appearance at Belgrave South's Community Market .

If you want to know what they're up to, where they are or how you can get involved, just give Ken a call on 0429 324 137, he'd love to hear from you.

How Can I Help?
To support Ken and Cranky Clyde and/or to donate to the cause, call Ken on 0429 324 137.

Ken and Cranky Clyde are always looking for donations, sponsorships and places to visit, so give them a call if you're interested in sponsorship opportunities or if you know of any shows, festivals or other community events you'd like them to be involved in.

Apart from donating funds to cancer research, local individuals and businesses have provided some innovative practical help over the past couple of years. Some provide food for both horse and owner, or a place to lay their road-weary heads. Others have donated supplies, such as new wheels and rims for the wagon donated by Mansfield Toyota and Holden.

To find out more about the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and what you can do to help the cause, visit their webpage here .

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