Kayes Rocks

Kayes Rocks


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Toowong has a very small but really different park with a pleasant history, making for a quaint way to take a breather by the river. resembles a terraced field in levels above some rocky shores. But it was once rocky cliffs according to the city council's fact sheets. The Brisbane River is where the rocks lie, and, Orleigh Park is a visually attractive park opposite, with its expansive lawns and fig trees. Most likely named after piano teacher and Toowong resident Samuel Kaye, a super fact sheet is here in a PDF format.

is heritage-listed as a city heritage place (so not on the state version).

Because it was so compact, it was easy to photograph with no visitors, despite it being the middle of the day in a densely populated area. It's just a little stop-off, so people who are riding or walking to or from the University of Queensland can get a break. As well as that, it's a little piece of preserved history and a place for locals to see the river in a more panoramic way. There's no playground equipment at all at the park but it does have ample parking. It's possible to park there and take a walk to Toowong Village Shopping Centre . I counted five spaces but they aren't always used, as surrounding unit blocks all have parking underground, so, sometimes it is a free space. There is a bus stop next to the main signage on Brisbane Street and that takes 402 and 411 buses, with 402 only operating in the two main UQ semesters of one and two.

But for the history itself, well, some of it is outlined in my links to the article but it was the scene where logs were dropped off from upstream in the 19th Century and then in the 1930s which made it what it is today due to a beautification scheme. It's part of Toowong's identity and is well-known and appreciated. It is in fact a steep river lookout, that is steep in history.

It's a beautiful charming and historic site and well worth a look for its unique association with Toowong's and Brisbane's cultural identity.

A great place to sit in the shade on a Brisbane summer's day, especially after a lot of riding or walking.

All photos courtesy of author Thursday 25-02-2021.

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