Kat Greta: Get Up And Go - EP Review

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Posted 2022-07-27 by Steven Gfollow
Kat Greta is a drummer from Victoria. And? you might ask.Well, she is far more than that. She is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, taking on the mantle of the wonderful Australian female songwriters Australia has produced and who have released some of the best Australian music of the twenty-first century.And so, Kat Green – with vocals supplied by Charlie Lane – has released her first EP: Get Up & Go (2022).

At four tracks, I wanted more. This left me hanging out for her next release. This is modern rock with a percussive rhythm that drives each song along, and the decent, thoughtful lyrics I really like.Quick bio, I guess, is possibly needed. Kat comes from a musical family, with ties to members of Australian bands Jet and TISM, and a number of renowned solo artists including opera singer Christina Russo. She has been playing music since a young age, and is touring to support the release of this EP. If this is anything to go by, then the shows will well be worth your time.Let's look at the album!

'Let It Go' This is the single that was released ahead of the EP, and it is a really good track. The music feels very tight and it is such an easy listen. I want to say more, but, instead – here it is:

'Too Good For Me' There is something almost late-60s about the feel of this with the keyboard flourishes and driving rhythm. And then comes the chorus, which is one that feels designed for screaming along to in a crowded venue.'Out Of Tune' The tempo lifts a little for this track with keys once again at the forefront of the instrumentation. There is a lyrical line here that I really liked: "Give me time to heal/ Because I'm feeling out of tune…" Really good imagery in a great track.'Don't Wait' And we finish with a slower track (though not too slow) which has the best lyrics on the EP. The rousing chorus is done so well and none of it overstays its welcome. The keyboard solo in the middle is straight out of early 70s prog rock and I loved it.Okay, yes, it's four tracks long, but each song is really strong. There is nothing here to skip at all. I am looking forward to the full-length album that has to be coming at some stage. If this is any indication, it will be an absolute belter.The album will be available from August 5, 2022. I recommend getting it via Bandcamp .

Image taken from https://www.katgreta.com/bio

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