Karwarra Australian Native Plant Garden

Karwarra Australian Native Plant Garden


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Lets' make 3 K's fill an afternoon for you. Winter, is a time we think of visiting friends and relatives, or curling up with a movie or a good book by the fire. If you ever get the feeling you need to break-out and there is a fine patch of weather for the weekend, then here is something for you and the family.[BREAK]
The the and Nursery is dedicated to displaying a wonderful variety of native plants which can produce colourful flowers for most of the year. The range of shapes, size, form and plant habit of natives can be,interesting and provide a hardy and water efficient garden, not to mention they have less maintenance and can help suppress weeds. You can attract native birds and animals too, depending on the area in which you live. The naturalised bushland areas in the garden will have native orchids growing in spring and summer. The created plant beds provide ideas and inspiration. The gardens nursery hosts a great range of plants, so why not go 'native'.[BREAK]
In 1965, the local shire purchased the 2 hectares of land on behalf of the Mount Dandenong Horticultural Society to develop an Australian plant garden. It was owned by Thomas Hand and family since 1870, and was farmed until 1939.

The helpful staff and volunteers at Karwarra will go to great lengths to help with questions and information and do a commendable job. They are advocates of the gardens policy to maintain, develop, and preserve native species through the Friends Group and the Plant Conservation Association of Australia .The new entry is part of a new master plan to renovate and rejuvenate the grounds, to aid visitors, prams and wheelchair access through the gardens. Karwarra provide a free e-newsletter containing valuable native plant growing information, Karwarra's events and exhibitions, activities, workshops and plant sales.[BREAK]
There is a function room with amenities and catering from Kalorama General Store. This can be hired for meetings and groups, but not for social parties. The garden and forest outlook is certainly a grand vista. The gardens definately are a great community service provided the local Council. There is good parking immediately at the front, or around the adjoining Kalorama Memorial Park. See their website at Karwarra Australian Plant Garden for full information, or email; [email protected] and ph; 03 9728 4256. See the website to subscribe to the free e-newsletter.

The general store is the local community hub, and the staff are friendly and helpful. Apart from being agents for all utilities, the window is full of adds for local services and they have a cosy cafe. The comprehensive range of snacks is handy if you are across the road at Karwarra and the Kalorama Memorial Park. The beef-burgundy pies are delicious and the place has a great homely feel too.[BREAK]
Kalorama Memorial Park is one of those places to take the kids and let them run wild. The oval is huge with good parking, and traffic on the gravel road encircling it is very low, it feels safe. Take a bat, ball, practice fly fishing, or fly a model plane. Remember the days of balsa- wood gliders and elastic band driven propellers? With too much emphasis on gadgets today, why not take a step back and let the kids feel how it good being outdoors really can be. Go snap a 'laker-band' on your cold fingers today.. 'thwack', that is as much fun as shutting fingers in a car-door or stubbing your toe. The play equipment has been removed, and current signage indicates coming redevelopments, but a game of tennis will keep the blood flowing and the covered barbecue facilities can help make a the trip a fun event. For information about hiring the Kalorama hall, contact; The Yarra Ranges Council on; ph. 1300 368 333, or email; [email protected].[BREAK]
These 3 attractions are only a kilometre from '5 Ways Kalorama' and follow the related articles to make great choices. Silvan Reservoir is only a few kilometers along gravel roads from 5 Ways too, and you just have to see the view over Sivan Reservoir. Choices, choices...[BREAK]

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