Kart Racing

Kart Racing


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Is Mario Kart your favourite video game? Then this is for you: Get into a real kart this weekend and feel like Michael Schumacher for a day! Kart racing is a fun activity that will make your adrenaline pump!

There are raceways in Archerfield and Kingston, for example. No experience is necessary as you will get an introduction on the day.

But before you push the accelerator, keep in mind that safety always comes first as karts for adults can drive as fast as 75 to 100 km/h! There is also a zero tolerance for alcohol on the race tracks.

Kingston Park Raceway has tracks for different skill levels and even caters for people with a disability: Ride in a two-seater and let your carer be your co-driver. Likewise, children with a minimum age of 5 years can have a go with their parent or adult guardian sitting next to them.

Archerfield Speed Karts provides karts for different skill levels. The advanced options are capable of 90 km/h and more. Visitors have to be 13 years or older and at least 150cm tall.

New drivers have to register on the day and minors need their parent or guardian to sign for them.

It is recommended to make a booking, especially if you are a group of people. Make sure to wear enclosed footwear. It is a good idea to put on a collared T-shirt.

Bring a hat and some sunscreen as well – unless you are planning to race at night. Visitors who are 14 years and older can stay until 10pm on Saturdays at Kingston. Archerfield is open until 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Once you feel competent enough to challenge the best drivers, you might want to take part in the Friday Night Challenge at Kingston. After a practice round, you can drive three races. Check their website for admission fees and requirements.

Generally, admission fees depend on the kart and on the package you choose. About 12 minutes in an average adult kart will cost around $33 to $46 and fees apply for new registrations. As a general rule, the more sessions you book the cheaper they are. There are also special offers for groups.

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