Kalbarri, Perth

Kalbarri, Perth


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If you live in Perth then you have more than likely been to Kalbarri, or heard of Kalbarri or are planning to go to Kalbarri one day. There are really two ways to tackle the 592km drive from Perth: you can either drive non-stop and be there in six hours... or you can make a few stops along the way and roll in to Kalbarri a couple of hours later. We opted for the second choice (and then drove pretty much non-stop on the way home).

Now, we're not talking about hour long stops or half day detours into the Pinnacles here. We're talking short stops at places of interest which involve little or no detour from the main highway. If, like us, you get going very early in the morning you can do this and still arrive in Kalbarri before the preferred 2pm check in time at most places of accommodation.

Obviously there are many, many little places one could stop to enjoy a view, learn something new or have a snack... but here are four such places that both parents and children can enjoy.

1. Jurien Bay

We arrived here early in the morning and pulled in at Jurien Bay Beach. Here we found clean (if not cold) toilets, a playground and the jetty to walk out on.

We watched some people fishing, stretched our legs and the kids had a play in the fantastic playground right on the beach. They got to climb, swing, balance and play in the sand before we had to usher them back into the car to continue the journey.

2. Greenough

There are many places of interest in and around Greenough. We chose to stop at the Leaning Tree. It is right on the highway which makes it a perfect place for a quick stop. Many of the trees along this part of the country lean due to the strong winds that blow through the region. There is a small parking bay here where you can get out, read the information and take photos of this amazing tree.

3. Horrocks Beach

This one was a little way off the main road - 18km west from the road that runs between Northampton and Port Gregory.
But wow - was it worth the short drive. The beach was an amazing backdrop for our picnic lunch and the kids were so keen to get out on the jetty that they quickly lost interest in the playground above the beach.

If you don't have a picnic lunch in your car not a worry - Horrocks has a general store, or you could always pick something up at IGA in Northampton before you get here.

4. Pink Lake (Hutt Lagoon)

Having two daughters, a visit to a pink lake was clearly not to be missed. The pink colour of the lake is caused by increased levels of beta carotene - a pigment that makes the water pink.

The pink colour changes depending on your viewpoint. At some points along the road you can barely see it - the lake takes on the reflection of the sky and just looks like a normal lake. You need to go straight past the Kalbarri turn off and head towards Port Gregory for a kilometre or two. Along the road are a couple of places you can stop to have a closer look.

From here it's roughly half an hour until you reach Kalbarri, ready to check in to your accommodation, already having seen some interesting places along the way.

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