Kaffeehaus Sust

Kaffeehaus Sust


Posted 2017-03-11 by Thomas Sylvafollow
Coming from a town where it feels like coffee drives the entire economy, I often find it difficult to find coffee of a comparable standard when I am living abroad. It has been particularly difficult in Germany as it seems that most places will have machine made coffee; where somebody pushes a button and a latte is produced, no need for a barista. This can be rather problematic, as, although I am not addicted to coffee, I certainly don't want to live in a world without it, and I am too stubborn to drink anything substandard.

I certainly wasn't expecting to find good coffee in Gotha, and yet here I am about to sing the praises of a coffee roastery, luckily for me, right on my doorstep. Kaffeehaus Sust is right on the ridge of the Old Town area in the centre of Gotha, and I immediately knew I was in safe hands the first time I entered as the barista told me that the coffee of the week was sourced from Nicaragua, not because of where the beans were from, but because they knew - it's hard to find a place in Germany where people care so much about their coffee.

The first sip confirmed that these guys were serious. I've been back twice since in such a short space of time. Their black coffee tastes like it has been roasted to perfection, and their white coffee is prepared with sublimely textured, and (most importantly) not overheated or burned milk.

The interior is quirky but homely with a few different rooms where you can sit and enjoy your coffee. In the front of the building is the coffee roastery which is all in full sight of the public, so you can see the roasting process. Out the back, there is a terrace for the warmer summer months and a larger dining room fitted with cute sofas and warm decoration. There is a daily food menu, and also homemade cookies to enjoy with your drink along with a few other cabinet snacks on display in the front room. They sell coffee beans from the roastery, which are also used in several other places around town, but if you really care about your coffee, it's worth going to the place where they can prepare it best for you. You won't be disappointed.

The kaffeehaus is just a short walk 3 minute from the city centre. It's well worth a visit for anybody who enjoys their coffee made with love and attention.

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