Just between Lovers - TV Series Review

Just between Lovers - TV Series Review


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S Mall, a big department store building, collapsed ten years ago due to shoddy construction, and that event tied the fate of three young people years later. Ha Moon-soo, Lee Kang-doo and Seo Joo-won survived the horrible accident, but not their loved ones. Ha Moon-soo (played by Won Jin-ah) was there with her younger sister, who was one of the victims of the accident. Lee Kang-doo (played by Lee Jun-ho) was there waiting for his father, who was an electrician doing work on the building. Seo Joo-won (played by Lee Ki-woo) was helping out his father, who was the head engineer of the building. The incident killed 48 people. Many people were affected by this incident, grieving for more than a decade, and carrying the sadness of losing their loved ones, including Moon-soo, Kang-doo and Joo-won.

Years later, Joo-won becomes an architect and ends up working for Joo-won on the project to replace the former S Mall. She also comes across Kang-doo who does odd jobs at the new construction site. With her keen eye for detail and sturdy building construction, Moon-soo not only designs a better building but also finds out what caused the collapse of the S Mall building ten years ago. Together, the three of them work to reveal the tragic incident and try to get the people who are responsible for the incident to come forward.

Just Between Lovers is a South Korean television drama about people's love, hope, and dreams despite their painful past that was beautifully directed by Kim Jin-won. Both Lee Jun-ho (also played in King the Land ) and Won Jin-ah, made their first debut as leading actors in this drama series. Won Jin-ah was selected for the role out of 120 candidates and received a nomination as Best New Ac trees in the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards and won Best New Actress at the 6th APAN Star Awards for this drama.


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