Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park


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A fun day out for families and animal lovers, the beautiful is located around 25 mins drive from Singapore city.

Boasting over 5,000 birds of 400 different species in a spacious park environment, hosts some of the largest aviaries in the world.

Highlights include:

Bird interactions: Lorikeet feeding is possible all day in the Lory Loft aviary. Penguin, flamingo and ostrich feeding can be done at certain times, or you can lunch with parrots in one of the Park's restaurants. There are also many educational opportunities with keeper talks at various enclosures throughout the day. You can check the current schedule when you buy your ticket.

Bird shows: The Park is famous for its bird shows like the 'High Flyers' show, featuring the skills of parrots, macaws, hornbills and flamingos among others; and 'Kings of the Sky,' showcasing the hunting styles of eagles, vultures, hawks and owls.

Owl House: The 'World of Darkness' exhibition contains some stunning owl species, including the Snowy Owl, Malay Fish Owl, Eurasian Eagle Owl, Barn Owl, Great Grey Owl and Boobook Owl. It's also a quiet, cool place if you want to escape the heat.

Penguins: The indoor Penguin Cove enclosure hosts four species of penguins, including the impressively large King Penguin. There is also an outdoor enclosure with African Penguins, one of the few species that has adapted to the tropics.

Pelican Lake: This tranquil lake has plenty of shaded seating spots if you need a break, and there is also an underwater viewing gallery so visitors can see the pelicans dive for fish.

Dinosaur Descendants:** Home to an impressive collection of ostriches, emus and cassowaries, this area of the part also has a fun activity for junior budding palaeontologists. The 'Dino Dig' sandpit allows kids to dig for bones and uncover a skeleton hidden in the sand.

Parrot Paradise:** The largest collection of parrots in Asia has 32 aviaries of colourful squawking birds.

Birdz of Play Playground: A great play area with attached shaded café offers families a chance to rest and cool off. The highlight of the play area is a shallow pool area with a climbing structure that includes numerous waterslides, plus sprays and fountains. There's also a dry playground for those who don't have a change of clothes handy.

Waterfall Aviary: This 13 storey high aviary hosts more than 600 birds and a 30 metre waterfall. Paths and bridges take you through rainforest areas and mangrove swamps, with plenty of opportunity to see birds at their feeding areas.

Baby birds:** The Park's breeding and research centre has an incubation room, nursery and kitchen, where you can see what the hatchlings eat and how the food is prepared by their carers.

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