Jurassic Shark - Film Review

Jurassic Shark - Film Review


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No this isn't a new addition to the Jurassic Park franchise; it's more of a rip-off, badly made, B-grade film, trying to gain some exposure by having a similar name to one of the most popular "giant killer creature" franchises of recent years, but in saying that, this is a really fun and silly film, that just needs to be seen!

Jurassic Shark tells the story of a an oil drilling gone wrong. When a massive Jurassic, prehistoric shark is unleashed from its icy prison from beneath the sea, it manages to destroy everything in its path and ends up marooning both a group of art thieves and a group of mostly innocent and typically beautiful young college students on an abandoned island. The two opposing groups are soon forced to do what they can to survive or become food for the not-quite-extinct shark, but teamwork isn't on the agenda, when the art thieves try to use the kids as bait, in order to retrieve their latest stolen artwork.

Jurassic Shark is chock full of bad B-grade style acting, with some scenes which resemble the nudity-free scenes of "Girls Gone Wild", with bikini-clad teenagers, splashing at each other in the sharks hunting grounds. The film is also riddled with plenty of cheesy and sometimes very funny dialogue and features one massive, obviously computer-generated shark, which can even leap straight out of the water to chomp their human victims in half, who happen to be standing on land at the time.

This is one fun, B-grade film, which has the potential to become a massive cult hit and has left ample room for a much-anticipated sequel, which I for one, hopes it will be made.

Jurassic Shark is rated M for mature audiences as it contains creature violence, violence, mild gore and some cause language and was released on DVD in 2012.


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