Junction Non Profit Recycled Store & Cafe

Junction Non Profit Recycled Store & Cafe


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This is no ordinary store – this is Junktion. Junktion is a different sort of place to shop – a different sort of store to meet friends in and it has an entirely different heartbeat to any other store you might enter.

Junktion is a recycled store. Junktion is not-for-profit. Junktion is run entirely by volunteers. Junktion is a place to meet. Junktion has pre-loved brick-a-brack, pre-loved clothing, small items of pre-loved furniture; Junktion has pre-loved books, preloved toys and pre-loved accessories. Junktion has brand new coffee, brand new tea, brand new sweet treats and brand new artwork. Junktion has a brand new heartbeat.

There aren't many stores like Junktion. Junktion is unique – not just because of the unique bits and pieces that it sells, but because of the roots of the place. The building it's in – shop – used to be an old deli.

There are stones built into the walls that frame the entranceway and the linoleum on the floor has seen many generations of feet. The big long fridge that now houses yummy homemade treats is an original Peter's fridge and many other pieces of storage and furniture are pre-loved (but now updated) pieces.

Junktion is a not-for-profit arm of Youth Ministries Australia – whose office happens to be right next-door! The couple that work out of the office – Travis and Pixi Johnson – saw that the empty deli had potential and with the installation of a corner recycled store, what better way to engage with the community and offer a space for coffee and distinctive odds and ends.

All the money raised through Junktion will be used to help fund the young leaders and youth training events run through the Youth Ministries Australia office.

Junktion was also blessed right from the beginning by being awarded a cash grant from the Marion Council. "The City of Marion is excited to be able to support Junktion through a $2,000 community grant. This great initiative is cleaning up a disused building, bringing financial, sustainability to a local charity, helping out our growing community of international students and providing low cost clothing in an area of social disadvantage." Says Marion Council Deputy Mayor David Speirs. This grant was used to get started with some renovations, shelving and lighting and also to kick start their 'Welcome Packs".

These packs are one of the exciting features of Junktion as they are aimed at international students living in the local area or attending Flinders Uni. They contain lots of useful bits of information about Adelaide and adjusting to living in a different country – things like bus timetables, local businesses and what Vegemite is like as well information courtesy of the Marion Council regarding job and training opportunities. These packs are a work in progress and the volunteer's aim is to have them up and ready to go by the beginning of the new Uni year.

Deputy Mayor David Speirs was a supporter of the initiative from the get-go and is also a regular patron of the recycled store. He says "On a Tuesday afternoon before council meetings you can find me sitting in Junktion going through my papers.

I love going there to enjoy a cuppa, a chocolate brownie and the welcome atmosphere. It's the coolest place to be in Marion!" The store is close to Flinders University, it's close to Marion Shopping centre and there is ample street parking not to mention great views of the parklands through the big glass windows.

Almost everything in the store is for sale, including the original spray-paint artwork that decorates the walls. This was done by young local artists through the Marion Council's 'Art of Respect' initiative and adds a certain vibrant flair to the already unique atmosphere of the store. Pixi, who finds herself in the store on most days it's open – Tuesday through Friday from 9am until 5pm – says that "The thing I love most is meeting people from the community and providing a space for people to find a bargain, sit and chat or read in peace." Check out their Facebook page for updates on sales, new sweet treats, new stock and opening hours.

While the store has been open for three weeks now, there is a grand opening on Saturday September 8th in the morning – so head on over to Junktion in Sturt and check out this new and vibrant place to meet!

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