Jumbo Floating Restaurant

Jumbo Floating Restaurant


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The can be found in Aberdeen Harbour in Hong Kong. The original Jumbo restaurant was burnt down before its opening in 1971. Talk about bad luck! But five years and millions of dollars later, Jumbo was rebuilt and finally opened in 1976.

Visitors can access Jumbo via free shuttle ferries which depart from piers in Shum Wan and the Aberdeen Promenade. The ferries have an old school charm to them. There is also something magical about the voyage to Jumbo as you approach the restaurant for the first time. I believe it would have been even more beautiful at night.

was designed to replicate a Chinese Imperial Palace. The restaurant is very ornate and adorned with large crystal chandeliers, plenty of fierce looking dragons, Chinese lanterns and splashes of red and gold (symbolic of good luck and prosperity).

For a bit of trivia... has featured in numerous movies including the James Bond film "The Man With The Golden Gun" and Jackie Chan's "The Protector."

Typical of many Chinese restaurants, has its own fish tanks which house its fresh seafood. But unlike many Chinese restaurants, Jumbo has its own seafood barge which resembled a mini aquarium.

The restaurant is made up of four levels with different restaurants on each level. The first three restaurants serve various types of Chinese food. The second restaurant specialises in Dim Sum. The third restaurant is known as the "expensive floor". The restaurant located on the top level serves Western cuisine and is called Top Deck.

Despite its lavish interiors, the atmosphere inside the restaurant is fairly laid back. No one visiting the place was really dressed up but this may be different in the evening.

I visited the second restaurant with my family. Instead of ordering a full meal, we ordered a few Dim Sum to share as a snack. The types of Dim Sum on offer were different to those available at yum cha in Sydney so it was novel to give them a try.

is often criticised for being overpriced and touristy. I thought it was worth visiting as an attraction, and though the food was relatively expensive, it wasn't too bad. I would recommend visiting for morning or afternoon tea and soaking in the atmosphere.

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