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Posted 2022-10-09 by Mistress of Culture Vulturesfollow

Thu 06 Oct 2022 - Fri 21 Oct 2022

Jessica Stanley returns with her immersive theatrical experience JSMR on now at Melbourne Fringe Festival 6-21 October 2022. Visit your op shop, find your upcycled fringe costume and head to the Festival Hub and enter the tent for your sensory experience. Book your tickets here .

Arising out of the darkness comes a show which is a little bit magical, a little bit gypsy carnivale and very, very fringy! How refreshing!JSMR is a 45-minute show for only 10 audience members and runs four times a night during the festival – so there is no reason to miss it. But what is JSMR?

It's a clever mash-up of the performer's initials with the phenomenon known as Auto-Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). Fascinating! The audience are invited to wear headphones (and Madame Stanley may even tuck you in - if you wish) to enjoy this sensory and immersive experience. You might feel a little uncomfortable or a little too comfortable - so take the risk and enjoy the ride – this is what Fringe is all about! ASMR is how we respond to certain sounds. Did you know for some people the sound of eating is annoying and for others, it's stimulating? Now you know why so many people walk around our city wearing headphones.

Madame Stanley and her magical cards take the audience on a journey of experimentation of sensory sound which will leave you either creeped out or pleasantly Zen. Now this may sound like a charlatan's hoax, but this is a real 'thing' for many people and Madame Stanley takes us through the theory and experience of what this is like, by experimenting with different sounds and tones projected through headphones. There is audience participation (voluntary, of course) which makes this whole experience a great deal of fun.

Through dark comedic wit and magnetic naturalism Jessica Stanley lures the audience into her world through the subtle exploration of everyday sounds, and the world of audial sensitivity. We even get a bedtime story, which is an absolute treat for adults!Rated PG, this show encourages us to understand our own sensory sensitivities and empathise with other's sensory experience and check in with our mental health in these post-pandemic times. Book your session now!

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