Journey of Water - Inspired by Moana at Walt Disney World Resort

Journey of Water - Inspired by Moana at Walt Disney World Resort


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Te Fiti Journey of Water inspired by Moana

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of 'Journey of Water Inspired by Moana,' an enchanting and interactive water feature soon to open its doors to the public at EPCOT. As a Disney Passholder, I was granted an exclusive preview of this immersive adventure, and it's an experience that will delight and inspire visitors of all ages. Step into the magical world of Moana, where the journey of water mirrors the epic voyage of our beloved heroine and discover what makes this exhibit at EPCOT a must-visit for Disney enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Entrance to Journey of Water inspired by Moana at EPCOT

A Story Begins: The Water Cycle
Our odyssey commences with the awe-inspiring water cycle, where raindrops fall from the heavens to nourish the earth. It's a spectacle to behold as we watch for familiar shapes in the rocks, a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things. Born as drops of water high in the sky, rain descends, renewing the world with its touch. This gentle water flows down the mountains, creating a symphony that invites us to play and relax.

The water whispers, beckoning us to explore its mysteries. Like Moana, does it call you? What parts of the water cycle can you enjoy in your community? Dance in the rain, walk along the river, share stories of local lakes and streams with your family, or visit the ocean. Embrace the love of water that unites us all.

The Enchanted Water Harp

Harmonizing with Nature: The Enchanted Water Harp
As we journey onward, we encounter the Enchanted Water Harp, a remarkable interactive element. Here, you can create music by gracefully moving your hands along the "strings" of water, much like playing a harp. The melody resonates with Moana's spirit of adventure, inviting you to harmonize with the magic of the water and celebrate the connection between music and nature.

The Stream, Moana meets EPCOT

The Stream: Traveling Together
Our voyage continues as we join a small stream, where trickles of water converge to form a gentle flow. Encouraged by gravity and the shape of the land, this stream embarks on its journey, heading downhill toward the ocean. As we stand and wave to the stream in front of us, we send our wishes for a safe voyage.

Here, the geodesic dome of EPCOT stands tall in the background, a reminder of our connection to the world and the environment. Challenge your family to protect water in your daily lives—small changes can make a significant impact. By taking shorter showers and turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth, you can help conserve this precious resource.

The Wetland Journey of Water Inspired by Moana

The Wetland: Building Community
In the wetland, our stream spreads out, soaking the soil and nurturing water-loving plants and animals. Some water remains at the surface, while some journeys deeper into the ground. The interconnectedness of life in this vibrant ecosystem reminds us of the importance of preserving these unique environments.

As you explore the wetland, you can choose the "Dry Path" or embrace the opportunity to get wet, immersing yourself in the experience. It's a reminder that our choices can have a significant impact on the world around us.

The Spring Journey of Water

Hidden Depths: The Spring
Moving underground, water filters through sand, gravel, and cracks in the stone, becoming cleaner with each passing moment. It may dwell in the deep, dark recesses for thousands of years. Eventually, some of this water resurfaces, bubbling up in a natural spring.

The Journey of Water exhibit not only allows you to observe but also interact with the water. Stand and hold out your arm, and witness the water respond to your touch. It's a testament to the interconnectedness of nature and our ability to connect with the world around us.

The Lake: Journey of Water inspired by Moana

All Water is Connected: The Lake
In the presence of a tranquil lake, we're reminded that all water is connected. This body of water is continually replenished by sources from various places, transformed by the landscapes it traverses and the people it encounters along the way. It serves as a poignant reminder that we are all connected by the movement of the water cycle.

As you take in the serenity of the lake, consider how your actions can have a positive impact on the water cycle. Participating in community clean-ups and reducing litter can make a significant difference. Together, we can preserve the beauty and integrity of our natural water sources.

When you’re focused on the sign, you don’t realize that Te Fiti stands before you in all her glory. It may well remind you of the story told in Disney’s Moana.

Te Fiti at Moana's The Lake

Amidst the captivating setting of EPCOT's interactive water exhibit, where the essence of Moana's adventures springs to life, visitors find themselves immersed in a wondrous world of water and discovery. As you stand by the serene and newly-restored lake, envision Moana's triumphant return of the heart to Te Fiti—transformed, majestic, and harmonious. The vibrant sun sets, casting a warm and golden glow upon the tranquil sunsets, mirroring the very
moment when Moana, with unwavering determination, reached the heart of Te Fiti's island.

Here, you can sense the same unwavering spirit that Moana embodied during her perilous journey. In the heart of the interactive exhibit, you can almost feel the fiery presence of Te Ka the corrupted goddess, as she challenged Moana and Maui. The immersive experience allows you to stand with Moana, resolute and unyielding, even when faced with the daunting trial of a shattered Maui's hook.

But it's in the darkest hour, amidst the vast expanse of this interactive aquatic landscape, that you, like Moana, can rekindle your own resolve. Much like Moana’s grandmother, Tala's spirit, which emerged as a celestial guide, you're reminded of your true calling—to be a steward of the environment and protector of our planet's most precious resource.

With newfound purpose, you can embark on your own journey, akin to Moana's, and retrieve the heart. Sail through the challenges, navigate the waters, and confront the formidable forces that stand in your path. As you partake in this interactive adventure, you'll experience the transformation firsthand, just as Moana did. Te Ka''s fiery fury gives way to the serene, verdant beauty of Te Fiti, as the heart returns to its rightful place.

The healing of the waters and the lands is not just a spectacle; it's a profound testament to your courage, resilience, and connection to the natural world. As you leave this extraordinary interactive water exhibit, you take with you the memory of your own remarkable journey—a journey that echoes the legendary tale of Moana, the intrepid wayfinder.

And so, within the embrace of EPCOT's immersive Moana-inspired water experience, you become a part of a new legend—one that celebrates determination, friendship, and the enduring bond between humanity and the precious waters that sustain our world. As you depart, may you carry with you the inspiration to protect and cherish our planet's life-giving essence—the journey of water.

The River with jumping water... look to the right

We are All Voyagers: The River
Our river widens, delivering essential fresh water to sustain life. Water touches every aspect of our existence, from growing food to creating the objects we use daily. Our relationship with water is intimate and interconnected, making us all part of the water cycle.

In our homes, we can make water-friendly choices by using water-efficient appliances and installing low-flow showerheads and faucets. These small changes can contribute to water conservation and help protect our planet's most precious resource.

The Ocean

The Ocean is Our Friend: The Ocean
Our journey culminates at a joyous tide pool, where our water is ready to embark on a new voyage beyond the reef, much like Moana. The ocean's currents unite continents and shape our climate, providing us with the very air we breathe. It is a friend of immense importance, nurturing and sustaining life on a grand scale.

As we stand beside this symbolic tide pool, we are reminded that the ocean is not merely a vast expanse of water but a force that connects all continents. Its currents carry the stories of distant shores, shaping our world in profound ways. The tides wash upon our own shores, bearing gifts from faraway lands, and carrying our dreams to distant horizons.

The Journey of Water exhibit calls upon us to take on a mantle of stewardship. Plastic waste, a global concern, can harm both water and the creatures that inhabit it. By using less plastic and making eco-conscious choices, we can contribute to healthier oceans. Consider what plastic items in your daily life can be repurposed and reused to lessen your impact on this incredible ecosystem.

Mist Returns to The Sky

Water Knows the Way: The Sky
And so, our journey concludes with the water cycle coming full circle. To return to the sky, our water takes on a new form. The sun's warmth transforms it into invisible vapor, lifting it skyward. The vapor cools, forming clouds of tiny droplets. It is now ready to be reborn as rain, embarking on its voyage anew.

This remarkable journey, from the sky to the seas and back again, sustains our planet and connects us all. Just as water knows the way, we too are called to be true friends of water, pledging to protect the water cycle for generations to come. Join the EPCOT community in working together to create a better world, where clean water flows for all.

In the heart of EPCOT, "Journey of Water Inspired by Moana" weaves a story of wonder and connection, inviting us to celebrate the beauty and significance of water in our lives. This captivating and educational experience not only pays homage to the beloved Moana but also encourages us to embrace our roles as stewards of the environment. As you leave this immersive adventure, may you carry with you the inspiration to protect our planet's most precious resource—the journey of water.

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