Josh Staley: Up Late Up Close - The Melbourne Magic Festival Review

Josh Staley: Up Late Up Close - The Melbourne Magic Festival Review


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Tue 04 Jul 2023 - Sat 08 Jul 2023

A true delight, an event that takes you back to the 1800s of card tricksters and seances. It is a rare experience to share such an intimate event that is presented in Josh Staley - Up Late. Up.

So fast at fanning out the cards that the image blurred

Comedian, magician, and showman Josh Staley presents at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Melbourne Magic Festival and many more events.

His standard show, known as 'Quicker than the Eye', brings high-energy, modern magic which Josh has now presented worldwide. I had the pleasure of chatting with some folk who had just attended this show and they were mind blown, raving over how good it was and how everyone needed to attend this amazing event - and no, they were not part of his PR team.

I was personally invited to attend the Up Late. Up Close with as few as a dozen participants. We crowded around a gaming table, within inches of Josh at many occasions. He delighted us with storytelling, explanations and sleight of hand that defied reasoning.

On many occasions, you found yourself wondering if it really was supernatural and magic in nature rather than just a very quick mind and fingers.

The Melbourne Observer said ‘It’s hard not to think you might just have witnessed real magic. - and I must agree with them.

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It is indeed a rare privilege to be invited to such a close intimate event and I would thoroughly recommend it if you get the chance.

Necks craned, we eagerly watched in close proximity to see if we could see the trick, but either its real magic or Josh is just too talented for us to notice, either way, whether its a crowd of a 100 or the private group of 12, you will be amazed by Josh's fun friendly nature and magnificent display of magic.

Josh is performing as part of the Melbourne Magic Festival and his Up Late. Up Close shows are completely sold out although there were still some availabilites for Quicker than the Eye.

Keep an eye on Josh's Facebook page and other events as he is regularly performing.

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