John Fredericks Park

John Fredericks Park


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Finding the right park that meets the whole family's needs can prove to be quite difficult. A parent's life is made significantly easier when a park encompasses a range of facilities that meet the individual needs of each age group (and species - pets included!) in the family, in the one location. John Fredericks is one of those parks with a wide range of facilities, perfect for big families. Located within a 30 minute drive from Brisbane City, John Fredericks is a must visit for those who want a mini escape from the city, without spending a fortune in terms of time (and petrol money)!

is part of Brisbane's Koala Coast Trail, which stretches from Belmont to Burbank in the eastern suburbs of Brisbane, so keep an eye out for koalas. Also known as Brisbane's Koala Bushlands, this area is among the most significant and important koala habitats in the whole of Australia, with bushland stretching over three cities - Brisbane, Logan, and Redland. These bushlands have open eucalyptus forests, in addition to native grasses and wildflowers.

Known as 'The Rocks', a site within is significant in that it commemorates the historical role of Capalaba in the development of the Redland Shire. These cobblestones are what remain of the original road that locals used to cross Tingalpa Creek, which licked Cleveland to Brisbane. This road was referred by locals as 'The Rocks', and was the first recorded road crossing between Capalaba and Greater Brisbane, dated 1850.

For families looking to host a children's birthday party or have a family day out, has all the facilities you need. There is a small electric barbecue that families are welcome to use, which is conveniently located behind some playground equipment - you don't have to worry about your children running amok while you're busy cooking, because they'll literally be right in front of your eyes.

If you're feeling like you ate a little bit too much in the picnic area, John Fredericks provides you with the opportunity to walk it off by following the Koala Coast trail. The trail here in Capalaba West takes you through scenic bushland, alongside Tingalpa Creek. Keep an eye out for those koalas, but don't forget to stop and take in the beauty of this relatively untouched area.

We also found an awesome graffiti wall, although I'm not sure what it's functional use is for. Aesthetically though, it is very pleasing. I imagine it could be used as a rebound wall for tennis players. There is also a large grassy area here, even bigger than the patch in the picnic area - it's the perfect size for a game that requires a larger field, such as soccer.

Our favourite part of the Koala Coast trail from , however, is definitely the hollow tree we encountered. Reminiscent of more 'iconic' and/or famous hollow trees that are frequently photographed and placed on sites such as Instagram, I realised that there is plenty of scenic views within Brisbane that are as good as places further out, if not better. Thanks for a lovely morning, we had so much fun!

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