Restaurante Chino Jinou Armilla

Restaurante Chino Jinou Armilla


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The Restaurante Chino Jin-Ou is largely unknown to many in Spain, but for those from the south city of Granada, the place is very much adored.

The phrase 'hidden gem' is thrown about all too often, yet in this instance, it seemingly fits perfectly. Due to its location on the outskirts of the small village of Las Gabias, which itself is on the outskirts of Granada, Restaurante Chino Jin-Ou is an elusive secret to many.

Their ignorance is of course justified, especially when the region is filled with traditional tapas bars that line the streets of Granada and countless similar cities in the south of Spain. This is certainly no tapas bar but in fact a Chinese restaurant. This salient fact perhaps makes Chino Jin-Ou stand out further, simply due to its continuous notion to break the norm of the area and adopt a different cuisine entirely.

Numerous appetising dishes are on offer to willing locals and tourists, with the busy menu in both Spanish and English, a helpful feat absent in the majority of other eateries in the area. The list strings from spicy chicken to honey beef, from egg fried rice to sizzling egg noodles, and furthermore from authentic spring rolls to uniquely served salads.

The special menu, however, comprises the most favoured dishes, where for just five euros per person seven days a week, three plates can be combined to create your own, personalised meal. More significantly pleasing again, the dishes arrive within just minutes of each other, in stark contrast to the majority of other restaurants in the country and further afield.

The choice of drinks provides further intrigue, with an appropriate option comprising the locally-brewed Alhambra beer, with this 'cervesa' suitably arriving ice cold. 'Agua' is also a favourable choice, and is perhaps a more restricted yet suitable option, again brewed locally in the renowned and stunning Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Quiet one minute to full-blown the next, Restaurante Chino Jin-Ou is not only an adored spot for eating in, but takeaway orders are also in high demand.

The traditional Chinese drink of Sake is provided to finish off the meal expertly, or perhaps a non-alcoholic drink is preferred,and is available in several delightful flavours.

This traditional venue deserves credit for going against the norm and has witnessed thousands of satisfied customers exit the door throughout over 20 years of service, and expects many more years of success in this somewhat unknown area of the world.

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