Jillian's Cakery

Jillian's Cakery


Posted 2014-10-10 by Maria Mfollow
Living overseas, who doesn't long for certain foods that remind them of home? The east coast of the United States is home for me. I'm so excited that Americana foods are really starting to become popular in Sydney. I'm always happy to try them all...especially dessert.

Jillian from has brought many of my childhood favourites to Surry Hills. After spending some time in the US, she has cultivated quite a few recipes with a focus on creating great vintage-tasting cakes. Jillian and her band of bakers produce everything fresh by hand, from the good old-fashioned ingredients of butter, flour, sugar and eggs.

Walking into all the familiar desserts and treats made me smile. So many cakes, pies and sweet goodies to choose from. Bunny's Carrot Cake has a half kilo of carrots inside and the New York Baked Cheese Cake is baked in an authentic graham cracker crust. There's Devil and Angel Food Cake for whatever naughty or nice mood you may be in. Pecan Pie ($6 a slice) was on display along with Brown Betty American Fudge Brownies ($5) that you need a glass of milk to wash down.

But the tempting treat that I couldn't believe sitting in a baking tin on the counter were the sweet Cinnamon Rolls ($5). Unless you grew up in the States you have no idea what a food phenomenon this is. We have franchise chains in every mall on the East Coast of the US that are dedicated to serving the humble cinnamon bun. This swirled sensation is made from flour, cinnamon, sugar and butter with thin icing on top. It's served warm and has a robust sweet flavour.

Jillian has seasonal cakes and since it's the American Fall season...anyone fancy a slice of autumnal Apple Pie? How about the truly American Pumpkin Pie, picture a pie with spicy pumpkin custard. At the cakes can be served by the slice, bought whole or made into a dozen cupcakes. You will be a very cool host (at least by me) at your next celebration or Fourth of July party serving up a tangy lime juice curd in a sweet graham cracker crust that is Key Lime Pie.

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