Jenny & Val's Gemstones and Seashells

Jenny & Val's Gemstones and Seashells


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Have you visited the new store of Gemstones & Seashells in Tinana, near Maryborough yet? Proprietors Jenny and Val have been collecting for aeons and are happy now to showcase and sell on to others who have a passion for owning beautiful pieces from the sea and the earth.

The fascination of collecting seashells is something that grows from childhood, as I can remember times when my friends and I scoured the beach for shells to take home; each of us wanting to find the largest or most colourful. Shells are the external skeleton of a soft-bodied mollusc and are composed mainly of calcium carbonate, which provides protection and support for the animal inside.

Gemstones and crystals have also been around for years as women the world over have adorned their fingers, headgear, crowns, ears etc. with cut and polished gemstones of varying colours and value. Just as children collected seashells, many also collected rocks and fossicked for the ultimate find of a rare or precision gem.

Marisa Galvez , who is an associate professor of French and Italian, has been researching the history of the relationship between people and crystals throughout the centuries. Her work has found that medieval poets used crystals to examine desire and uncertainty in love. Through television, we are shown scenes of the medieval man named Merlin walking with a staff mounted with a crystal at the taller end, and history describes many twentieth-century architects and writers, such as Bruno Taut and Paul Scheerbart , as inspired by crystals. Given that a crystal can refract light even if dark in appearance, one can understand why ancient societies and creators ascribed magical powers to the stones. In today's society, crystals are used by healers in their work allowing positive energy into the body while removing negative and stagnant emotions.

Whatever your reason, there is no doubt that gemstones and seashells have captured the interest of many with a growing yearning to learn more about the properties and benefits provided by them.

Moving from around the corner from a previous location, Gemstones & Seashells now have a new home in a prominent position on Gympie Road with free parking outside and in the side street nearby. On entering, you will find shelves and tables with items of varying sizes, shapes and colours. Be inspired to line the bottom of your fish tank with shells or place a crystal near your computer. Plus, there are Lucky Dip bags for the children along with jewellery and gift lines for both adults and children. For those who are hard to buy for, you will find many ideas for Christmas and Birthdays alike.

For more information, you can contact Gemstones & Seashells through the Facebook website or pop in and see them at 85 Gympie Road, Tinana .

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