Jendela Alam, Bandung

Jendela Alam, Bandung


Posted 2020-10-30 by Gerri Sfollow
As you leave Bandung and head up North, you'll come across this charming garden, come park, come activity play area.

I like it so much I try to visit it with my daughter at least twice a month. I find its location handy as the drive from Bandung is shorter and along a much quieter road compared to other attractions like this. Parking is convenient and you'll also find the pricing much easier on your wallet too!

But what is it? It has a lot of features but our family favourite is the small but well-maintained playground area. Here you'll find swings, two jungle gyms and small climbing frame.

You'll also find plenty of garden area and green space for you to simply walk around. We love all the plants and flowers, some of which you can buy - so take a short wander around and visit the shop.

Towards the back, there are some animal enclosures that you can visit and also more gardens to walk around. Perhaps greenhouses and allotments would describe them better.

Whatever you think they should be called we find them interesting and enjoy smelling the different herbs and naming the plants.

Of course, when it comes to facilities you are well looked after with an on-site restaurant, prayer room and two WCs. There are also other covered areas should you wish to dine there. I find the restaurant to offer a good range - as a "try my best vegan" I can normally find something to enjoy.

Finally, there are the paid activities. When you arrive you are issued a card to put your entrance 'ticket' on and also deposit some money. Then you can use this card to pay for packages or activities as you wish (so no cash is handled within the venue). Here is the price list as of October 2020.

We always enjoy some painting and a ride on the tricycle but there are also some videos games, pony rides or feed the bird options too.

All in all, compared to the bigger versions like this that you will find in Lembang, I really like this pleasant smaller option.

Well worth a visit if you are looking for a shorter half-day option. Oh, and I almost forgot. As you leave, be sure to reclaim any money left on your card, enjoy the gift shop and sometimes you are given a small gift. Normally these are seeds and my daughter and I love to grow them when we get home.

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