Jatujak Mall of Asia

Jatujak Mall of Asia


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As soon as you get to Mall of Asia, or MOA as the locals call it, it can be pretty overwhelming. Think about it, hundreds of shops and restaurants all waiting for you – while the selection is awesome, it can also make deciding where to go and what to do really hard, and tiring at the least!

When my hubby and I visited, we thought we'd just 'have a look around' without any real plan as to where we wanted to eat lunch. Well fast forward two hours later and as you can imagine, we were beyond hungry. It's when you get to that point that you almost have an I don't care factor, which is sad really since there is so many great choices you want to end up choosing somewhere nice and not ending up at Burger King or something generic like we almost did.

Not to say anything bad about Burger King, but as I stood there in line I realised I couldn't do it. We're in Manila, surely we can do something better than a fast food joint. Thank goodness I walked right on out of there and told hubby we had to just keep looking.

We're not that picky… ok so the two of roaming around looking doesn't exactly support that idea… well let's just say indecisive. And like I mentioned earlier, there are just so many choices – not at all a good place for indecisive people.

Finally, as we rounded the corner from Burger King, we spotted Jatujak. Located on the second floor entertainment mall near the centre, this charming little Thai restaurant was just what we needed. Named after the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market found outside Bangkok in Thailand, this restaurant is the perfect combination of Filipino food meets Thai cuisine.

The delicious food is prepared quickly and fresh, the staff are friendly and all around it's a great retreat after walking the km's around Mall of Asia.

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