Japan Fashion Now Exhibit at Fashion Institute of Technology Museum

Japan Fashion Now Exhibit at Fashion Institute of Technology Museum


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In the 1980's, Japanese style exploded onto the scene and has since had a significant impact on the fashion world. " Japan Fashion Now " is a current exhibit at The Museum at FIT that pays homage to
modern Japanese fashion while acknowledging Japanese fashions of the past.

To give you a taste of what lies ahead of you, before you get into the main part of the "Japan Fashion Now" exhibit, you'll be greeted with about two-dozen pieces of men's and women's Japanese fashion of the 1980's. Some of the examples you'll get to see up close and personal include pieces by Issey Miyake and Kenzo and Hanae Mori.

Next up is the main part of the "Japan Fashion Now" exhibit, which features around 90 outfits by a multitude of designers including Rei Kawakubo, Jun Takahashi and Toshikazu Iwaya. In addition to low-key fashion, denim, work attire and classic styles, there are examples of the fashion that many around the world have become familiar with either through personal experience or pictures – Japanese subcultures, street style and cosplay.

One of the most popular styles you'll see in the "Japan Fashion Now" exhibit is the Lolita style of clothing, which has received praise, criticism and a following worldwide. There are several sub-styles to it including sweet, classic, gothic and punk. Lolita fashions have a strong Victorian influence and involve an overall look of little girl innocence. The base item of the Lolita style is a dress with a puffy bottom that is worn with either knee high socks or tights. The rest of the outfit, including the color palette and accessories, depends on the style of Lolita the wearer is aiming to exhibit. For example, the gothic Lolita style involves wearing dark colors while the sweet Lolita style means wearing mostly pink and white. Many that dress in the Lolita style often wear a bow in some form, especially in the hair. Frills, Mary Jane shoes, wigs and makeup are also a big part of the style. "Japan Fashion Now" will exhibit designs by labels that produce some of the most popular Lolita fashions.

There certainly is nothing boring about Japanese fashion. Between the colors, textures, designs and overall presentation of the fashion and accessories, the styles are exactly what fashion is intended to be – wearable art with the person as the canvas.

To see a visually appealing display of Japanese fashion, visit the "Japan Fashion Now" exhibit at The Museum at FIT until April 2, 2011.

Photo Source:
Permission for use granted by The Museum at FIT
Copyright to: h.NAOTO. Gothic Lolita dress ensemble, autumn/winter 2008-09, Japan.
Collection of The Museum at FIT. Photograph courtesy of The Museum at FIT.

" Japan Fashion Now " exhibit at The Museum at FIT
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