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has itself a home in the heart of Coopers Plains, in an area that is largely industrial in nature with neighbouring suburbs such as Salisbury, Archerfield, and Acacia Ridge. True to their location, it's not surprising that there are many customers who pop in for a takeaway coffee on their way to work. Coopers Plains is located on the south side of Brisbane, just 11km from CBD. This suburb was originally named Cowper's Plains by John Oxley after Dr Henry Cowper, who was the Assistant Surgeon-in-Charge at the Moreton Bay Settlement from 1823 to 1832. However, after a convict settlement was established in 1828, the name was corrupted; by 1860, the area was known as what we call Coopers Plains today.


There is plenty of seating available at , but seeing as it's a relatively hidden gem amidst busy industrial streets, you'll be sure to find a quiet little spot in the cafe for your meal regardless. Some might even call it a well-kept local's secret! The classic black and white tables and chairs provide the perfect contrast to the bright green counter and large menus that adorn the walls, with bar stools and tables to boot. Dogs are welcome to share a meal with their owners provided that the whole party opts for outdoor seating - the umbrellas outside are sturdy enough such that you can tie your dog up there safely.

Food & Drink

is not your average cafe when it comes to the size and breadth of their menus. In addition to serving all your classic breakfast and lunch favourites, including the popular 'Big Breakfast' for just $13.90, also serve a wide range of Vietnamese cuisine - choose from Vietnamese bread rolls (banh mi), rice paper rolls (goi cuon), rice vermicelli noodle salad, soups and noodle soups, and even 'Broken Rice' and 'Onion Pancake', you're literally getting a two for one deal here when it comes to cuisine. If you're craving Asian cuisine but your mate is hungry for some good ol' Aussie tucker, you now know where to go! Oh, and did I mention that their breakfast and lunch menus are both served concurrently, all day? That's right; feel free to eat lunch for breakfast, or breakfast for lunch - there's no judgements here.

As for drinks, the choices are equally extensive - in addition to your regular hot and cold beverages, also have bubble tea, bubble tea that you can design yourself! All you have to do is choose:

1. The size of your drink
2. The tea base (green or black)
3. The flavour - milk tea (original, taro, coconut, honeydew, watermelon) or iced tea (apple, mango, lychee, passionfruit, peach, strawberry)
4. Any toppings you might want to add (tapioca pearls, coconut jelly, rainbow jelly)

The food and drinks came very soon after we ordered, made using fresh ingredients and presented beautifully, complete with an appetite inducing aroma. was able to accommodate to my dietary needs (of having my eggs prepared without the yolk - hence the alien looking fried egg below...), which was much appreciated. With the breakfast tasting so good, I couldn't help but order a rice noodle salad with grilled chicken for lunch - it definitely made my work day a lot better!


As of March 9th 2017, the day this article was first published, will now be extending their opening hours to include dinner from Thursday to Saturday, to give customers "more of J&C Cafe" - how exciting! There will, of course, be a new menu available, with exciting homemade desserts to boot. But what's even more exciting is that for the first two weeks from the 9th of March, there will be free dessert, per person, when you come in for dinner between 5pm-8pm - that's right, complimentary dessert!

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