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Being a New Zealander and also an ex-barista, locating good coffee which has been sourced, roasted and prepared to perfection is an absolute necessity for me in every location I settle. I found Equador quite surprising because it is world renowned as a coffee exporting country but seldom do the locals drink anything besides instant coffee. It seems they have perfected the growing and the roasting, but often the preparation was a letdown.

Luckily, my host was just as enthusiastic about coffee as I was, and on my second day of a three-month stay in the city, she invited me to Cafe, just to the north of the historic old town. This would be the first of many visits for me as I grew to love the place.

When you sit at the table, a barista will come over to see you with a menu and a small glass of sparkling water. After allowing you a couple of moments to ponder through the various options, he or she will then return with a small board, upon which will be three small cups of different beans. They will then proceed to tell you in very finite detail about each roast they have available - about the origins of the beans, the tasting notes and to which of their products they are most suited to. They will then ask you which roast you want and which drink you want, and a few minutes later, they will return with what I believe is the best cup of coffee I have ever experienced.

Not only was it perfect the first time, but it was consistently outstanding, and when you watch the baristas perform their art you can really understand why. Their coffee machine is absolutely immaculately clean, all of the time, along with all of the handles and milk jugs and everything used to make the coffee. Their attention to detail is unrivalled, and their knowledge and enthusiasm about their product runs so deep, it is absolutely incredible. They also operate a barista training school, which just goes to show the level of their dedication to the drink.

Alongside coffee, there is also a selection of teas and hot chocolates and other hot drinks. There is also a small selection of cabinet food and a very basic menu. I would highly recommend this place to anybody who appreciates a good cup of coffee, and a pleasant atmosphere to relax and enjoy it in.

The cafe is located at Francisco Salazar # E 10-37 y José Tamayo in Quito, Ecuador and takes about 20 minutes to walk to from the La Mariscal craft market. There is parking on the surrounding streets for easy access. It is open between 10:00 and 20:00, Monday to Friday, 14:00 to 20:00 on Saturday, and is closed on Sundays.

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